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HP Discover 2011 – Day 5 – Chat with Lee Johns

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In a slightly distracted post, I talk with Thomas Jones, Devang Panchigar, Nigel Poulton and Lee Johns, Director of Converged Storage at HP about the new Converged Storage Strategy and Store 360, the framework bringing all of the recent storage acquisitions to the same platform.

The podcast was recorded in “I Love Burgers” in the Venetian/Palazzo complex and back at the Bloggers’ Lounge, so sound quality is a little variable.


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Disclaimer:  As a blogger/attendee, HP paid for my flights, hotel and most meals.  I have not been compensated for my time and am not obliged to blog on the event.  All the opinions are my personal views.

About Chris M Evans

Chris M Evans has worked in the technology industry since 1987, starting as a systems programmer on the IBM mainframe platform, while retaining an interest in storage. After working abroad, he co-founded an Internet-based music distribution company during the .com era, returning to consultancy in the new millennium. In 2009 Chris co-founded Langton Blue Ltd (www.langtonblue.com), a boutique consultancy firm focused on delivering business benefit through efficient technology deployments. Chris writes a popular blog at http://blog.architecting.it, attends many conferences and invitation-only events and can be found providing regular industry contributions through Twitter (@chrismevans) and other social media outlets.
  • adam

    Podcast won’t load…

    • http://www.brookend.com Chris Evans

      Sorry about that – I’ve reuploaded it and it seems to work now.


  • http://www.hp.com/storage/blog Calvin Zito

    Listening to this now – I guess I should have got a chocolate shake when we went to “I Burgers”. A few things:
    > Nigel questioned HP and NFS – the X9000 is supported on VMware but the integration of block-based storage with VMware and other virtualization solutions is far better. If customers want NFS with HP, we absolutely have it – just not in the HP VirtualSystem.
    > Nigel is so snarky – that’s why I like him so much. “I don’t want to be controversial but….”. He calls it as he sees it and that’s exactly what I was hoping for from all of you guys.
    > I have a blog post I just did on the VirtualSystem, not very specific to the storage bits but it’s interesting. Here’s a link: http://bit.ly/iCqNZJ
    >> You’ll be able to find all my other posts about the storage news from HP Discover: http://bit.ly/jyaQwM
    > Glad you guys were able to grab Lee to talk more about Converged Storage and Store360. I need to get him on a Power Podcast to talk about it too.

    Did you record this at the lunch you had to come rushing back to the bloggers lounge from because I gave you the wrong time for the interview with Lee Johns. Sorry about that!

    Good stuff!

    • http://www.brookend.com Chris Evans

      Yes, we recorded it just before the interview; I thought I had about 35 minutes to spare, then got the message from Becca saying it was 1:30. I ate my burger in probably 90 seconds then dashed back!


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