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A Year In Review (Newsletter #1)

A Year In Review (Newsletter #1)

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Each month the most popular posts will be shared on email with additional content.  Newsletter #1 offers a year-end summary.  Here’s the basis of the content, for this edition only.  Subscribe for future releases.

Once again 2012 was a busy year for technology.  Here are some of the highlights.

  • Software Defined Everything.  There were two acquisitions that had everyone talking about “SDx” – firstly VMware acquired Nicira and Oracle acquired Xsigo.  Suddenly everyone was positioning their products as “software defined”, just as they did with “cloud” 12 months ago. Link: Goodbye Xsigo….
  • SSD Comes of Age.  At the beginning of the year, EMC acquired a little-known startup called XtremIO.  Having no customers or shipping products, the alleged $430m cost seemed a little excessive.  IBM waded in and acquired long-time solid state vendor TMS, reinforcing the view that SSD will have a bright future in 2013. Links: EMC Acquire XtremIOEvolution of SSD.
  • Cloud Storage Abounds.  Google finally released “Drive” in May and Microsoft acquired cloud storage vendor StorSimple at the end of the year.  Amazon also released long term storage archive “Glacier”.  With lots of cloud storage solutions around, this will be an interesting category for 2013. Links: Is Google Drive Too Late?What to Watch in 2012Amazon Glacier.
  • Cloud Failures.  2012 saw at least one cloud provider outage.  Amazon brought down Netflix on Christmas Eve.  There’s still work to be done in application stability across the cloud vendors. Links: Netflix Hit By Outage (external).
  • Facebook Facepalms.  Facebook floated on the public stock markets with an over-inflated valuation that immediately halved in price.  The company also picked up Instagram for a cool $1 billion, then proceeded to haemorrhage customers in December by changing terms and conditions.
  • Microsoft Hyper-V Version 3.  Windows 2012 brought us the third generation of Hyper-V.  In keeping with Microsoft’s standard practice, version 3 is a good product with a host of new features. Link: Windows Server 2012 Features.
  • BYOD and Mobile Computing.  Microsoft entered the market with the Surface, Apple released new versions of the iPad including the Mini, Amazon released the Kindle HD and Google released the Nexus 7.  Even HP appears to have reversed their previous plans to sell of their mobile computing division. Links: Surface Announcement,

Then there’s the release of the Raspberry Pi, the rise of unified storage platforms, Big Data and the adoption of OpenStack for cloud.  Of course there are others I’ve not had space to mention; all in all a busy 2012!

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