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HDS Influencers’ Day and Speaking in Tech Podcast

HDS Influencers’ Day and Speaking in Tech Podcast

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Last week I was fortunate to spend the first few days in Colorado Springs, staying at The Broadmoor resort.  I was attending Hitachi’s HDS Influencers’ Day, a small select group of 30 people chosen from across the industry to hear how Hitachi/HDS is changing and what we can expect from them in the future.  Events as small as this are unusual (unless perhaps you are a startup) as is the ability to brush shoulders (and bowl) with senior execs, including the CEO (Jack Domme).

HDS have started to form a closer relationship with their parent Hitachi and are evolving their business (as I wrote last year) with almost 50% of their revenue now coming from software and services.  The hardware is evolving too, and we’ll discuss all of this in another post or two.  Some of the work being done within Hitachi on Big Data promises new solutions and products, although I do still think that much of Hitachi’s presentations around Big Data solutions are anecdotal and many customers will want to “touch and feel” a product or at least a service offering name in order to get some understanding of what’s on offer.  This is also true of dealing with technology at scale; without a structured way to sell a service, each sale becomes a long drawn out exercise that is difficult to scale and requires significant salesforce retraining.

Speaking in Tech

Before the main event, I managed to record another Speaking in Tech podcast with Greg Knieriemen, now Technology Evangelist with HDS.  Also on the podcast were Michael Hay (VP of Product Planning & Chief Engineer), Nigel Poulton and Enrico Signoretti.  As you can hear, there was little talk about HDS’ portfolio or products, but more a conversation on where he industry is headed with the software defined data centre.

The Architect’s View

HDS is an evolving company and of course in a fast moving market they need to be.  This Influencers’ Day was a scene setting exercise and an opportunity for the company to show how they are adapting to the market.  We can expect some interesting things out of the company in the next 12 months including their own user conference (HDSWorld?), which will provide more opportunity to understand where the company is going.


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Disclaimer:  I was personally invited to attend the Influencers’ Day, with Hitachi covering my travel and accommodation costs.  However I was not compensated for my time.  I am not required to blog on any content; blog posts are not edited or reviewed by Hitachi/HDS before publication.

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