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About This Site

Architecting IT, formerly The Storage Architect is a blog discussing storage, virtualisation, cloud and all technologies used to deliver IT to business.  Originally dedicated as a pure storage site, the increased integration of storage, servers, networking and applications has moved the focus of the site to delivering to business requirements rather than focusing on a specific technology.  The original Storage Architect site was founded by Chris Evans over five years ago.  Before that, Chris blogged using HTML and a lot of manual editing on a site called storage-eye.com.  Many of those original posts were integrated into Techworld.com at the launch of that site in the UK.


The aim of this site is to produce fair and unbiased comment on the IT industry.   This means being transparent and clear on the source of any information, declaring when vendor sponsorship is involved (if any), including paid travel and accommodation.


Currently we are not accepting any contributed articles.  This may be reviewed in the future.


Currently we are not accepting any advertising on the site.  This may be reviewed in the future.

Contact Information

If you want to contact us, please email architectingit@brookend.com.