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Storage Innovation – Diablo Technologies

Although it doesn’t appear to be well taught these days, the fundamentals of computer architecture are important for understanding how our industry will evolve over time.  This knowledge is important in understanding some of the innovations we are seeing come to market.  I hear people talk about lack of innovation in the storage industry, however that couldn’t be further from ... Read More »

Tech Trailblazers 2013

Last year I was fortunate to be a judge of the 2012 Tech Trailblazers awards.  After some intense scrutinising, awards were made across nine categories including storage and virtualisation.  A full list of the previous winners are included at the end of this post.  I’ve talked about a few of these companies in the past, including SolidFire and Nutanix and ... Read More »

SolidFire Update: New Products and Review

Last week SolidFire Inc announced the release of the latest evolution of their all-flash storage platform, the SF9010.  This new system uses 960GB 2.5″ using the same 1U form factor as previous models, however internally memory has been upgraded to 256GB and the dual processors are now 8-core 2.6Ghz models.  SolidFire supports up to 100 nodes in a single cluster, ... Read More »

Quick View: Micro SAS SSD

sTec have just posted a press release on their new Micro SAS SSD devices,which use the 1.8″ form factor.  There are two models, the s842, which comes in 200 & 400GB capacities and the s846, with the same specifications and including 256-bit AES self-encryption. In some respects these devices are little marvels.  They offer over 400MB/s sustained I/O rates and ... Read More »

Quick Thought: Gartner SSD Market Analysis

Chris Mellor did a quick write-up on some of the details in Gartner’s latest SSD market report.  The document, entitled “Market Share Analysis: SSD Component and SSD-Based Appliances, Worldwide, 2012” was issued in June and if you’re so inclined can be purchased online. Some of the detail Chris showed, including Samsung’s  SSD dominance, is interesting, but what I found worthy ... Read More »

Thoughts on Backup and Restore

This week I’m at the Asigra Summit in Toronto, Canada.  For those who don’t know, Asigra have been around since the mid 1980’s are a vendor of cloud-based backup solutions and predominantly sell through the channel.  Based on this morning’s presentations, it’s clear that Asigra are thinking differently about the way customers should be charged for traditional backup and restore functionality.  In ... Read More »