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Virtualisation: Windows Blob Storage vs Amazon S3

This post is a guest posting from Jerry Huang from Gladinet and discusses the differences between Microsoft’s cloud platform Azure and the Amazon S3 platform.   This month, Microsoft transitioned Windows Azure Platform from public preview mode to full production mode. Azure Storage is part of the Azure Platform and competes directly with Amazon S3. It is great news for cloud storage consumers ... Read More »

GestaltIT Tech Field Day – Day 2: Ocarina, Nirvanix and Data Robotics

Day 2 of the Tech Field Day kicked off with a trip to Ocarina Networks. For those who don’t know (a) Ocarina offer a “data reduction” appliance (b) an ocarina is a small oval, china flute. I say data reduction as the Ocarina appliance uses a variety of methods for reducing data size, including compression and de-duplication. The main presenters for ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: VMware, Cisco and EMC Join Forces to Create Acadia

Finally all the speculation is put to rest as VMware, Cisco and EMC announce their joint venture: Acadia.  The “coalition” of the three companies will work together to deliver private cloud infrastructure which utilises Cisco UCS, VMware vSphere and EMC storage hardware.  All of this will be delivered in something called the Virtual Computing Environment (VCE and conveniently the initials ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: Hitachi Enters The Cloud

Yesterday Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) used SNW USA to release information on their proposed cloud strategy, referred to as “Agile Cloud”.  Everyone believes they need a cloud story and clearly Hitachi are no different. Taken from the presentation I was given last week, is the following picture.  This pretty much sums up Hitachi’s approach; make a virtue of the technology ... Read More »

Cloud Computing: Block-Based Storage

A while back, I discussed speculation from EMC around Emulex’s proposed cloud-block storage appliance, E3s (Enterprise Elastic Storage).  With my current focus on Cloud Storage, I thought it would be good to delve a bit deeper into some of the aspects of why block-based cloud computing could prove tricky and why without an appliance it may be impossible. Block Storage ... Read More »

Cloud Computing: Cloud Standardisation

Stephen Foskett has been posting some interesting commentary over the last week relating to cloud standards and today discussed the Zend API for PHP.  In previous posts, he’s mentioned the SNIA initiative amongst others.  Have a look at this great post he wrote on why standards aren’t needed. Now, it’s no secret that I’m keen on the idea of Cloud ... Read More »