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Happy 50th Birthday Mainframe!

It’s a word that gets used frequently in Hollywood blockbuster films to describe some kind of all seeing centralised computer resource.  The “mainframe”, or at least IBMs most popular incarnation of it, is 50 years old today. For me, the underlying architecture of the IBM mainframe, System/360, and the subsequent iterations (System/370, System/390, z/OS etc) is something I look back ... Read More »

IaaS Series – Google Compute Engine Sustained Use Discounts

Over the coming weeks and months I will be covering public cloud computing and discussing the offerings from the major vendors in the market.  Initially this will focus on Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS from Google (Google Cloud Platform), Amazon (Amazon Web Services) and Microsoft (Azure), although where possible I will include other providers, especially those in the UK ... Read More »

Google Drive Starts Price Drop Madness

It was widely reported last week that Google have dropped the price of their online storage offering, Drive.  Customers get 15GB for free, with 100GB at a measly $1.99 per month and a terabyte at only $9.99.  But is the race to the bottom a good thing? Price erosion in storage is not a new thing; it’s been happening ever ... Read More »

Review: Zadara Storage Virtual Private Storage Array

Over the last week I’ve been working with and reviewing the Virtual Private Storage Array (or VPSA) offering from Zadara Storage.  VPSA provides dedicated storage resources for cloud computing environments within Cloud Service Provider data centres like Amazon Web Services.  It seems somewhat counter-intuitive to describe dedicated storage resources as “software defined”, but that’s exactly how the company is pitching ... Read More »

AWS Supports Mainstream Protocols For Tape Backup

I’ve been catching up on some reading backlog and came across a recent post on the Amazon Web Services blog relating to tape-based backup.  Amazon are not about to support tape directly, however their storage gateway has been updated to support Virtual Tape Libraries.  I looked at the previous Storage Gateway about twelve months ago (Review: AWS Storage Gateway) and ... Read More »

Commodity Cloud Prices Continue The Race to The Bottom

Amazon Web Services have continued their downward drive on prices with their latest announcement reducing S3 and EBS storage by up to 22% and 50% respectively.  Very large customers fare the best, with the full 22% reduction in S3 prices, however the more typical user, with 1-50TB of storage will only see a 6% saving.  Since the launch of the ... Read More »