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Review: Zadara Storage Virtual Private Storage Array

Over the last week I’ve been working with and reviewing the Virtual Private Storage Array (or VPSA) offering from Zadara Storage.  VPSA provides dedicated storage resources for cloud computing environments within Cloud Service Provider data centres like Amazon Web Services.  It seems somewhat counter-intuitive to describe dedicated storage resources as “software defined”, but that’s exactly how the company is pitching ... Read More »

AWS Supports Mainstream Protocols For Tape Backup

I’ve been catching up on some reading backlog and came across a recent post on the Amazon Web Services blog relating to tape-based backup.  Amazon are not about to support tape directly, however their storage gateway has been updated to support Virtual Tape Libraries.  I looked at the previous Storage Gateway about twelve months ago (Review: AWS Storage Gateway) and ... Read More »

Commodity Cloud Prices Continue The Race to The Bottom

Amazon Web Services have continued their downward drive on prices with their latest announcement reducing S3 and EBS storage by up to 22% and 50% respectively.  Very large customers fare the best, with the full 22% reduction in S3 prices, however the more typical user, with 1-50TB of storage will only see a 6% saving.  Since the launch of the ... Read More »

CentOS Moves Closer to Red Hat

In an announcement yesterday the CentOS Project has announced that it is moving closer to Red Hat, with a more collaborative approach to the way in which CentOS is managed and distributed.  For those not fully aware, CentOS is a free open-source binary compatible version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (which is a fully supported and chargeable product).  CentOS is ... Read More »

The Virtual Machine is a Legacy Construct

Virtualisation is great.  As well as being a massively cool technology (and I’ve been using it since 1987), it has allowed us to manage more workload, first by running multiple mainframe instances on the same physical machine and second in the x86 world to take our physical servers and consolidate them into larger physical footprints.  In a way virtualisation had ... Read More »

Violin Memory Delivers Converged Storage

As mentioned in this recent post, there’s a lot of activity in the market looking at combining storage and compute not just in the same rack (version 1.0) but within the same server infrastructure itself.  We can look to Nutanix as being the first to bring this to market in a commercial product and where they have led, others have ... Read More »