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Nasuni Cloud Mirroring – Protecting Against Service Provider Failures

Following on from my post discussing the shutdown of Nirvanix, last week I took some time to catch up with Nasuni and had a good conversation with Andres Rodriguez, Founder and CEO.  In particular, we talked about their new Cloud Mirroring feature, a replication offering that looks to mitigate the risk of using a single back-end storage service provider. Background ... Read More »

What is EMC’s Project Nile?

At EMC’s recent launch event (coverage here), the company provided teaser information on something called “Project Nile” – a sideways swipe at Amazon Web Services and something that’s due to develop into a product offering some time in 2014.  But what is Project Nile, a platform, a product, a service?  Hans De Leenheer’s recent interview with Chad Sakac and the ... Read More »

Storage Innovation – Diablo Technologies

Although it doesn’t appear to be well taught these days, the fundamentals of computer architecture are important for understanding how our industry will evolve over time.  This knowledge is important in understanding some of the innovations we are seeing come to market.  I hear people talk about lack of innovation in the storage industry, however that couldn’t be further from ... Read More »

The Psychology of Pricing

It’s been another interesting week in IT.  Following on from recent rumours, Nirvanix have finally publicly announced they are closing down, replacing their website with a single holding page directing customers to IBM.  Yesterday, Violin Memory released their shares to the public and floated on the New York Stock Exchange.  Unfortunately there wasn’t a lot of appetite to buy and ... Read More »

Is Nirvanix closing down?

If the rumours are true, then Nirvanix Inc, one of the oldest cloud storage companies is about to go out of business.  Customer have less than two weeks to move their data elsewhere before services are closed down on 30th September.  How does this affect the market perception of cloud services in general and how should customers deal with it? ... Read More »

ZFS & MySQL – Using Open Source

I’ve been a fan of the ZFS (zed-eff-ess to us in the UK)  filesystem ever since I evaluated the Sun Storage 7000 server in 2009.  The platform and technology has since been acquired by Oracle.   Although Sun Microsystems did have some odd product strategies, releasing OpenSolaris was one of their better ones, a concept that Oracle decided wasn’t part ... Read More »