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Thoughts on Backup and Restore

This week I’m at the Asigra Summit in Toronto, Canada.  For those who don’t know, Asigra have been around since the mid 1980’s are a vendor of cloud-based backup solutions and predominantly sell through the channel.  Based on this morning’s presentations, it’s clear that Asigra are thinking differently about the way customers should be charged for traditional backup and restore functionality.  In ... Read More »

Google’s Hollow Cloud Storage Offering

Reading this recent article on ZDNet I was struck by the pointlessness of Google’s 1TB of user storage offering.  This may seem like a bold statement, but let’s look at the figures and the offering.  If you buy a Chromebook Pixel, it comes with 1TB of Google Drive storage for three years.  Sadly the ZDNet article in question goes on ... Read More »

Is The Enterprise Ready for Cloud?

The title of this post could quite easily have been asked in reverse – is Cloud ready for the enterprise? Either way, understanding what IT means to the Enterprise is fundamental to answering the question. The attached diagram (I’ll hold short of calling it an infographic) explains how the Enterprise has evolved over the last 30 years. In the days ... Read More »

Review: AWS Storage Gateway

Cloud Storage Gateways provide the ability to write data directly into a cloud service/storage provider, either via a physical or virtual onsite appliance.  There are many vendors in the marketplace today and some are making serious money, (as reported by Chris Mellor today in The Register).  Amazon Web Services, seen as a leader in Infrastructure as a Service cloud solutions has ... Read More »

Storage QoS – How Hard Can It Be?

Following up from yesterday’s post and the comments received, I thought it was worth considering how hard it would actually be to implement quality of service within a storage array. Almost all storage arrays available today (whether physical or virtual) work on the assumption that I/O should be delivered as fast as possible.  This is not an unreasonable premise, especially ... Read More »

Storage QoS In The Cloud

Last year I did some research and wrote up a couple of posts on Cloud Compute performance.  One feature that seems to get left out somewhat is storage I/O performance; the cloud offerings talk about capacity, but rarely reference performance. Recently, I reviewed the options available from the major providers and found two new storage performance offerings. AWS (Amazon Web ... Read More »