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Dell to Acquire 3Par

There’s nothing like a bit of surprise (ish) tech news to generate an off the cuff quick post; here’s today’s tidbit.  Dell are to acquire 3Par. Clearly the Farley Curse has struck again and for a mere $1.15 billion Dell plugs another gap in their storage portfolio. Let’s face it, Equallogic was good, but not high end enough.  3Par technology ... Read More »

VMware Release Zimbra as an Appliance

At the beginning of this year, VMware announced they were to acquire Zimbra, a provider of email and collaboration software, from Yahoo.  Although the move was widely reported, it wasn’t on the face of it the most strategic of VMware’s moves.  The acquisition does provide VMware with more access into the business of delivering applications as well as infrastructure to ... Read More »

Data ONTAP 8.0 – Part III

I’ve twice posted now on Data ONTAP 8.0 shortcomings and this evening I did a little more research with the IBM version of Netapp’s hardware, the N-Series products.  Fortunately, IBM are slightly more generous and informative in their documentation than Netapp and this document (freely available online) provides more background information on the “DOT8” transition process.  So, I’ve tried to ... Read More »

Netapp: The Inflexibility of Data ONTAP

Thanks to @ianhf for posting a related blog entry berating Netapp for their lackadaisical approach in delivering features in Data ONTAP that customers really want.  My original post is here; @ianhf’s post is here.  I urge you to read it as it takes what I was saying a whole step further and was probably the post I would have written ... Read More »

Balancing Bicycle and Storage Resources

Transport for London today unveiled their new bicycle hire scheme, hopefully making it easier and cheaper to get around London on short journeys.  You can find details of the scheme here.  The concept is pretty simple; at various locations around central London you can hire a bicycle, collecting and dropping it off at one of a number of dedicated stations, ... Read More »

IBM to Acquire StorWize

I read with interest yesterday’s announcement from IBM that they are to acquire Storwize, a vendor of NAS compression technology.  Maybe I don’t understand enough about the technology, however I don’t see much benefit in installing an application in front of my NAS environment to only achieve between 50-90% reduction in storage.  What’s more surprising is that IBM would want ... Read More »