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Keeping Mobile Market Share – With Music

Yesterday Google announced Google Music, their competitor platform to the recent Amazon Cloud Player.  Both are services that allow you to store and access your music from within the “cloud”; Amazon can transfer music purchases directly in for you, with the Google service you have to upload your music content first.  Unfortunately both of these services are US-only (I imagine ... Read More »

Follow The Storage Architect on Facebook!

You can now follow us on Facebook.  Just use the following link: http://tsa.io/thestgarch-fb I’ll be posting pictures and video (some going back for a while, some never previously posted) as well as other links and stuff.  Always interested in any feedback you have. Read More »

XP or Not XP? That is the Question….

I read with interest today the storm in a teacup brewing around this Storage Newsletter article published yesterday. It’s quite amusing that some people still don’t understand the three way relationship between Hitachi Ltd, HDS and HP.  Fortunately I was able to visit Hitachi last year as as guest of HDS and consequently attended the Hitachi uValue conference (see here). ... Read More »

Rise of The IT Generalist – A Bad Idea?

I was listening to a podcast today that was discussing a subject we’ve heard about many times recently and that’s the move from being IT specialists to generalists.  Hardware products like EMC’s VNX are making this transition easier for the storage community and no doubt many people think this is a good thing.  Whilst I believe we’ll see more of ... Read More »

Predicting the Future of IT

I’ve been reading a book called “The Mighty Micro” by a namesake of mine, Dr Christopher Evans, a computer scientist from the 1970s, who sadly died at the age of only 48, not long after his book had been published. I’m currently into the chapter discussing middle-term futures, which in this case refers to the years 1983-1990.  It’s interesting to ... Read More »

Not Everything is Storage Related

Here’s a cautionary tale for those of us who are constantly enveloped in storage and computing in general. A while back I posted on Twitter how I was listening to the “click of death” from one of my home lab storage arrays.  I have 21 HDDs within 6 feet of my office desk and one of them appeared to be ... Read More »