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Another View on HP Moonshot

After HP Discover 2013 in Las Vegas earlier this year I was left struggling to think how HP’s Moonshot platform would offer the new paradigm in computing HP were promising.  I just didn’t accept the idea of “software defined servers”, which was perhaps the worst way to describe these low power computing devices.  However having done some research on processor ... Read More »

Black Friday Comes Early for Violin

Violin Memory Inc released their 3Q 2014 financial results last week, which showed both an increase in revenue for the quarter and an increase in their losses for the same period.  At the same time they increased their customer base by only 32.  The markets reacted badly to the news, with Violin’s stock price falling by 48% on Friday 22nd ... Read More »

Storage Horror Show Is Merely An Opportunity

Browsing through my RSS feeds, I read this post by Chris Mellor – apparently storage is turning into a bit of a horror show.  On the one hand I see Chris’ point, storage does seem complex and (as others have described) somewhat cumbersome.  However that’s the nature of the beast when you have to retain availability of the company’s assets. ... Read More »

Mobile Platforms On The Rise (Updated)

The future of computing is mobile.  Well, that’s stating the obvious, but there’s a couple of interesting news articles on mobile technology today. First, Tesco, a UK cross-market retailer has released their own tablet device called the Hudl.  The company started as a food retailer many years ago and has since become a global brand covering not just food but ... Read More »

Acquisitions Continue to Drive Storage Flash Market

This week we have seen yet another brace of storage vendor acquisitions – and it’s only Tuesday.  As announced today, Whiptail Inc are to be acquired by Cisco as technology to be integrated into their UCS stack.  Earlier this week (i.e. yesterday), Virident Systems Inc were acquired by Western Digital (WDC), one of the top two hard drive manufacturers. Whiptail ... Read More »

EMC Megalaunch – Speeding to Lead Balloon

It’s difficult to know where to start with EMC’s “Megalaunch”, broadcast for 24 hours yesterday, but let’s split it into two; the hyperbole and the actual product announcements. With reference to Happy Days, EMC have certainly jumped the shark.  Some may say they jumped the shark some time ago when they decided to ride a motorbike over a row of ... Read More »