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A Ten Year Flash Array? No Thanks!

George Crump makes some interesting comments in his recent article on whether today’s breed of all-flash storage arrays could survive for 10 years in the data centre.  Whilst the logic of his comments make sense, I think there’s little desire to be using today’s all flash devices in 10 years’ time. There’s no reason to think that the all flash ... Read More »

Nimble Storage Reaches Successful IPO – What Next?

Disclaimer – this post does not constitute financial advice in any way and all information provided is purely for illustrative purposes. Last Friday, which was the 13th and clearly not unlucky for some, Nimble Storage Inc floated on the New York Stock Exchange at an opening price of $21.  The shares did well, closing at $33.93, or a premium of ... Read More »

Another View on HP Moonshot

After HP Discover 2013 in Las Vegas earlier this year I was left struggling to think how HP’s Moonshot platform would offer the new paradigm in computing HP were promising.  I just didn’t accept the idea of “software defined servers”, which was perhaps the worst way to describe these low power computing devices.  However having done some research on processor ... Read More »

The Maturing of Flash Storage

It’s interesting reading the comments that we’re added to my post of last week, discussing the summary of all flash arrays, initially started by Vaughn Stewart and continued by HP storage guy Calvin Zito. Unsurprisingly, most of the negativity came from EMC and their resellers, who are defending a late entrance into the market.  They have focused their comments on ... Read More »

Black Friday Comes Early for Violin

Violin Memory Inc released their 3Q 2014 financial results last week, which showed both an increase in revenue for the quarter and an increase in their losses for the same period.  At the same time they increased their customer base by only 32.  The markets reacted badly to the news, with Violin’s stock price falling by 48% on Friday 22nd ... Read More »

Storage Horror Show Is Merely An Opportunity

Browsing through my RSS feeds, I read this post by Chris Mellor – apparently storage is turning into a bit of a horror show.  On the one hand I see Chris’ point, storage does seem complex and (as others have described) somewhat cumbersome.  However that’s the nature of the beast when you have to retain availability of the company’s assets. ... Read More »