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Death of The PC (Or Mine At Least)

Today marks the first time in probably 20 years that none of the computing devices in my home are PCs.  The homebrew PC tower unit used until recently by Son#2 is being shipped out after being stripped of anything useful.  He now uses a Raspberry Pi and screen to RDP into a virtual desktop in the lab. Looking around at ... Read More »

Manipulating the Message – The Art of Marketing

The last few weeks have seen a couple of important flash technology announcements.  They are important as they bring two of the “Big 5/6” storage vendors up to speed in a market that is already pretty well occupied.  Unfortunately all of these announcements are coupled with hyperbole, figure hiding and in some cases, bare-faced lies. Company N Let’s look first ... Read More »

A Year In Review (Newsletter #1)

Each month the most popular posts will be shared on email with additional content.  Newsletter #1 offers a year-end summary.  Here’s the basis of the content, for this edition only.  Subscribe for future releases. Once again 2012 was a busy year for technology.  Here are some of the highlights. Software Defined Everything.  There were two acquisitions that had everyone talking about ... Read More »

New Year, New Site – Architecting IT

Some of the more eagle-eyed amongst you will have noted that http://thestoragearchitect.com now directs to a site called http://architecting.it. First of all  – don’t panic!  – it’s the same site as before with just a different name. I decided at the end of 2012 I needed a new angle for the blog.  Storage is a hot IT topic at the ... Read More »

Quick Post: Thought Provoking Hitachi Blogs

There are a couple of good blog posts worthy of a look over at the Hitachi website this week, good enough for me to post references to them as they aren’t purely about the latest hardware product on offer. First, Dave Merrill (aka The Storage Economist) talks about storage cost ratios in “Back to 1999 Capex Ratio“.  Dave’s content is ... Read More »

HP Storage Bets on 3PAR

At the recent HP Discover event in Frankfurt, HP announced their latest storage products in what was billed as their “most important/exciting announcement in 10 years”.  As well as re-branding the storage platforms from IBM-esque naming to more user friendly (and presumably copyright and trademark-able) monikers  the company release details of their extended 3PAR range, now called StoreServ, which in part ... Read More »