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Tech Trailblazers 2013

Last year I was fortunate to be a judge of the 2012 Tech Trailblazers awards.  After some intense scrutinising, awards were made across nine categories including storage and virtualisation.  A full list of the previous winners are included at the end of this post.  I’ve talked about a few of these companies in the past, including SolidFire and Nutanix and ... Read More »

Managing Microcode Upgrades

Blog reader Chris Saunderson contacted me some time ago and asked the question on how often array microcode should be upgraded.  Well, better late than never Chris, I’ve crafted the following blog post to discuss the subject. Chris posed the question in relation to storage microcode.  On many (certainly enterprise) storage arrays, the control functions are managed in microcode, which ... Read More »

Gartner ECB (External Controller-Based Disk) – 4Q2012

The latest Gartner ECB survey is out and as discussed in my last post, I’ve updated my data to reflect the latest set of figures.  The vendors all have ups and downs each quarter so this data is particularly interesting as it covers year end 2012 and allows four years of comparisons from 2009 through to 2012. As expected, in ... Read More »

Death of The PC (Or Mine At Least)

Today marks the first time in probably 20 years that none of the computing devices in my home are PCs.  The homebrew PC tower unit used until recently by Son#2 is being shipped out after being stripped of anything useful.  He now uses a Raspberry Pi and screen to RDP into a virtual desktop in the lab. Looking around at ... Read More »

Manipulating the Message – The Art of Marketing

The last few weeks have seen a couple of important flash technology announcements.  They are important as they bring two of the “Big 5/6” storage vendors up to speed in a market that is already pretty well occupied.  Unfortunately all of these announcements are coupled with hyperbole, figure hiding and in some cases, bare-faced lies. Company N Let’s look first ... Read More »

Violin Memory acquires Gridiron Systems

Yesterday, Violin announced that they have acquired Gridiron Systems, a vendor of cache acceleration hardware and software.  At the outset it may seem odd that an all-flash vendor would want to acquire a company offering acceleration for traditional arrays, however this could be a very smart deal indeed in a number of ways. Software is King Although hardware is important ... Read More »