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XtremIO (aka Project X) – Where’s the Innovation? (Updated)

There have been a few interesting articles discussing EMC’s anticipated release of Project X, also known as their XtremIO acquisition from earlier this year.  Tom Isakovich, CEO of Nimbus Data has a blog that does a virtual teardown on the leaked hardware specifications.  Robin Harris also chooses to raise the stakes with a commentary on EMC’s problem child.  Somehow I ... Read More »

What’s Wrong with Tape?

Last week I briefly attended the Tape Summit at IP Expo.  Unfortunately due to other commitments during the day I was only able to join the round-table.  To be fair this was probably the part of the day I most wanted to attend – hearing everyone’s opinion generates much more interest than listening to canned presentations. Unfortunately, I didn’t know ... Read More »

Could 12 September Announcements Mark a Turning Point for Apple?

Everyone who hasn’t been hiding under a rock or living on Mars knows that today is the day Apple Inc release details of their new iPhone 5.  I’ve used the iPhone since version 3, having had the 3GS, 4 & 4S, all of which have been great pieces of technology and invaluable for me during my working day.  In fact, ... Read More »

Vendors Overcharging for SSDs and HDDs?

This morning I read an article on search storage’s Storage Soup blog that talked about the cost of SSDs and the amount of money made by storage array vendors as they mark up SSD vendor drives.  STEC were the main target of the article after discussing SSD adoption in their recent earnings call. Whilst I have no doubt that storage array ... Read More »

Goodbye Xsigo It Was Nice Knowing You

Yesterday Oracle Corp announced their intention to acquire Xsigo Systems Inc for an as yet undisclosed sum of money.  Xsigo was one of the original presenters at Tech Field Day back in November 2009.  That was the the inaugural event where I met great friends like Simon Seagrave, Greg Knieriemen and many more. Xsigo’s technology is all about consolidating the storage and ... Read More »

Booting from PCIe SSD – Do We Need It?

Texas Memory Systems have just announced that their RamSan-70 PCIe SSD cards can now be used as bootable devices.  Currently support is restricted only to Linux operating systems with x86 64-bit hardware supporting the UEFI boot standard, but Windows support is expected later in the year. I’m struggling to decide whether this is a feature we need within the server. ... Read More »