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Hardware Review: Promise SmartStor NS4600 – Part I

This is a series of posts on the Promise SmartStor NS4600 home storage server. Background Promise Technology Inc have been manufacturing RAID controllers since 1988 and iSCSI storage systems since 2004.  In 2007, the company released the first of the SmartStor devices, the NS4300, a fully-functioned home NAS storage array.  That was followed up in 2009 with the second generation ... Read More »

Hardware Review: Drobo Elite – Part I

This post is the first in a series covering the DroboElite SMB storage device from Data Robotics Inc. The DroboElite is the most fully featured storage array in the Data Robotics range of devices.  Regular readers will know I’ve posted frequently on these devices, from the first Drobo “Classic” to the DroboPro, both of which I own and have purchased myself.  Data Robotics ... Read More »

Review: Western Digital WD20FYPS 2TB SATA-II Hard Drive

This review covers the Western Digital RE4-GP drive, also known as the WD20FYPS 2TB SATA model.  Previous reviews: http://www.thestoragearchitect.com/2009/09/08/review-western-digital-wd20eads-2tb-sata-ii-hard-drive/ THw WD20FYPS is a 2TB SATA drive from Western Digital’s Enterprise Drive range.  It boasts a larger cache and a whole range of features that should boost performance and reliability.  But are these benefits really worth the additional cost? The Basics ... Read More »

Review: Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage System – Part IV

This is the last in a four-part series of posts on the Sun Storage 7000 USS storage arrays.  Previous posts in this series can be found here: Review: Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage System – Part I Review: Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage System – Part II Review: Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage System – Part III Previous posts have discussed the physical hardware ... Read More »

Review: DroboPro – Part II

This is the second in a series of posts looking at the DroboPro from Data Robotics Inc.  Previous post(s): Review: DroboPro – Part I Previously I discussed a few frustrations with connecting my new DroboPro to ESXi, the target environment for my new device.  I’ve now managed to get the ‘Pro connected and visible within ESXi.  See the attached screenshot image ... Read More »

Review: DroboPro – Part I

My new DroboPro arrived this week and so far I’m less than impressed.  As you know, I already have had a generation 1 Drobo for some time.  It has been a great device, doing exactly what I wanted.  After winning a second standard Drobo at Tech Field Day, I paid for the upgrade to the DroboPro in anticipation of a bigger and better machine.  Here’s ... Read More »