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Review: QSAN AegisSAN Q500-F21 SAN Array

Despite all the talk about new technologies, there’s still a market for SMB/SME capable storage arrays.  I already have a QSAN P100V4 in the lab, which is my main iSCSI array and that has been working faultlessly for the last 18 months.  Recently reviewed the QSAN Q500-F21, part of the AegisSAN range that supports both iSCSI and Fibre Channel. Product ... Read More »

Cost Reduction Is Still On The Agenda for Enterprise Storage

Dave Merrill has another great article on his “Storage Economist” blog, talking about predictions for 2014.  This one is interesting as it talks about the price erosion versus growth curve that we have seen over the last few years.  He predicts CAPEX spend will actually increase as we move forward into 2014. Managing growth continues to be the number one ... Read More »

Hitachi Added to All-Flash Codex Page

The work continues to collect more data for the All-Flash Codex page.  I’ve now added Hitachi’s HUS VM all-flash model, which uses custom FMD (flash memory device) modules rather than SSDs.  Finding the appropriate content can be tricky, so thanks to those who have come forward and offered material and links.  One document I hadn’t found was one on HUS ... Read More »

Build Your Own Scalable All-Flash Array With SVC

Jim Kelly (The Storage Buddhist blog) has an interesting post talking about using IBM’s San Volume Controller (SVC) in front of their new FlashSystem arrays to create a scale-out all-flash solution.  The overhead is a mere 100 microseconds, which as Jim indicates still makes a hybrid SVC/FlashSystem faster than many array solutions on the market.  It also adds extra functionality ... Read More »

Updated All-Flash Array Spreadsheet

Rather than update a static spreadsheet and circulate, I’ve uploaded most/all of the data from the previous spreadsheet to an online version on my Codex.  You can find the tables here – Solid State Arrays Features Comparison.  This will be updated as I discover more information and can provide an official link to the source data.  At the moment there ... Read More »

EMC: ViPR Now Available For Permanent Evaluation

In an interesting move, EMC has made ViPR available for download and evaluation with no restrictions other than mandating it for non-production use.  Releasing NFR (Not For Resale) copies of software is no new thing; VEEAM have done it for years as have many other companies looking to get their software out there in people’s hands for testing and of ... Read More »