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There’s Still Value in Dedicated Arrays – For Now

Today I managed to write about 90% of a blog post talking about value and traditional storage arrays – train journeys are pretty good for that sort of thing (and for taking your mind off the other passengers).  However having read some of the comments regarding Backblaze’s latest blog post on their drive reliability, I decided a small rewrite was ... Read More »

2014 – The Year of Storage Virtualisation

Earlier this week I was reading an article in the UK’s Computing magazine, which listed research on key priorities for businesses over the next three years.  The top three items for research were listed as Storage Virtualisation, Desktop Virtualisation and solid state drives (SSDs).  I was interested that 56% of respondents said they were looking into doing virtualisation of their ... Read More »

HP Discover – All-Flash Podcast

During last week’s HP Discover, I spent 15 minutes discussing all-flash arrays with Calvin Zito (HP’s Storage Guy) and Chris Wahl, from Wahl Network.  The conclusion of our discussion is that it’s all about requirements for the customer rather than placing products into contrived categories.  The idea of the “all-flash array” or AFA has been useful as a reference point ... Read More »

Nimble Storage Reaches Successful IPO – What Next?

Disclaimer – this post does not constitute financial advice in any way and all information provided is purely for illustrative purposes. Last Friday, which was the 13th and clearly not unlucky for some, Nimble Storage Inc floated on the New York Stock Exchange at an opening price of $21.  The shares did well, closing at $33.93, or a premium of ... Read More »

Comparing and Contrasting All Flash Arrays – All Vendors (Updated)

Don’t you just hate it when someone beats you to the blog post you intended to write.  Following on From Vaughn Stewart‘s Pure blog (Comparing and Contrasting All Flash Arrays), Calvin Zito (HP, Around the Storage Block Blog) has updated the sheet and added the HP 3PAR 7450.  Obviously, it’s Calvin’s job to show HP products in a good light, ... Read More »

Reinventing The Storage Array and Learning From Blackblaze

A recent post from the Backblaze blog has received wide coverage across the blogosphere and news outlets. Entitled “How long do disk drives last?“, it attempts to put some science behind the statistics of the life of a hard drive compared to the manufacturers quoted figures.  It’s not a surprise to find that the results show drives fail more often ... Read More »