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Scale-out Versus Scale-Up – SDR News Interview

I recently appeared on SDR news, discussing my Computer Weekly blog article on scale out versus scale up.  In the video I chat to Andy McCaskey about the technological differences and some of the players in the market.  The video follows in this post.  Here’s a link to the original article. Scale Out set to eclipse Scale up for the ... Read More »

HP Discover Storage Wrap-up on SDR News

Here’s my final wrap-up interview with SDR News with Andy McCaskey on the last day of HP Discover.  It’s a summary discussion on StoreServ 7450 and the new de-dupe VSA.  I’m out done by the sartorially elegant Justin Vashist who clearly had the good sense to wear a shirt on the last day.   Disclaimer: HP paid for flights and ... Read More »

HP Storage Webcast with David Scott

A couple of weeks ago I did a webcast with Hewlett Packard’s David Scott, General Manager of their storage division.  The event was MC’d by Calvin Zito, the infamous @hpstorageguy.  In the video we talk about some of the general challenges in storage and of course as you’d expect, David positions them in terms of HP technology. HP are going ... Read More »

Next Generation Storage Symposium – 7th November 2012

Last week I attended the Next Generation Storage Symposium (NGSS) in San Jose.  This was a forerunner to the second Storage Field Day, which I didn’t attend, however.  In the NGSS I moderated a panel discussion on next generation storage architecture, with Dave Wright from SolidFire, Jason Collier from Scale Computing, Matt Kixmoeller from Pure Storage and Tom Isakovich from ... Read More »

Solid State Storage Symposium – Cache or Tier Panel Discussion

As part of last week’s Storage Field Day event, at the Solid State Storage Symposium I moderated a panel entitled “Solid State – Simply a big cache or a real storage tier?”  The full brief was as follows: Solid state disks blur the boundary between cache and storage, with a foot in both camps. Can solid state drives really be ... Read More »

[Video] – Burning the ioSafe SoloPRO

A few months ago I received a test ioSafe SoloPro external disk drive.  This heavyweight unit is designed to withstand fire and water and so could be used as a home backup device for the worst kind of catastrophe.  For a few months I ran the device as a Time Machine backup for my main iMac.  It performs well enough ... Read More »