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Will TCO Drive Software Defined Storage?

With the imminent announcement of pricing for VMware Virtual SAN, there has never been a more complex landscape for storage in the enterprise.  But how much of future decisions will be based on technology and how much on understanding the TCO of solutions being deployed? Rumour has it that VSAN will be priced at about $2500 per CPU.  That’s on ... Read More »

Nutanix Raises an Additional $101 million for Hyper-Convergence

As revealed today, the Nutanix juggernaut thunders on with the announcement of a further round of investment totalling $101 million, bringing the collective investment in the company so far to $172.2m across four rounds of funding. The hyper-converged product space is extremely active, in terms of funds invested.  As recently as November 2013 I wrote about SimpliVity, a Nutanix competitor ... Read More »

The Virtual Machine is a Legacy Construct

Virtualisation is great.  As well as being a massively cool technology (and I’ve been using it since 1987), it has allowed us to manage more workload, first by running multiple mainframe instances on the same physical machine and second in the x86 world to take our physical servers and consolidate them into larger physical footprints.  In a way virtualisation had ... Read More »

Reinventing The Storage Array and Learning From Blackblaze

A recent post from the Backblaze blog has received wide coverage across the blogosphere and news outlets. Entitled “How long do disk drives last?“, it attempts to put some science behind the statistics of the life of a hard drive compared to the manufacturers quoted figures.  It’s not a surprise to find that the results show drives fail more often ... Read More »

Violin Memory Delivers Converged Storage

As mentioned in this recent post, there’s a lot of activity in the market looking at combining storage and compute not just in the same rack (version 1.0) but within the same server infrastructure itself.  We can look to Nutanix as being the first to bring this to market in a commercial product and where they have led, others have ... Read More »

Virtualisation – Solving the Storage Problem

One of the interesting take-aways from VMworld EMEA this year was the number of companies looking to solve the “storage problem” in virtualisation.  I’m sure many of our traditional storage vendors will say that no problem exists, however there is a perception that storage, in particular Fibre Channel, is a costly solution and requires expensive administrators to keep tidy and ... Read More »