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HDS Bloggers Day 2011

This week I’ll be attending the 2nd HDS Bloggers Day, to be hosted in the UK.  Apart from myself, there will be the following attendees: Devang Panchigar – @storagenerve – www.storagenerve.com Greg Knieriemen – @knieriemen – www.iknerd.com Nigel Poulton – @nigelpoulton – www.nigelpoulton.com Jason Boche – @jasonboche – www.boche.net/blog/ Fabio Rapposelli – @fabiorapposelli – www.juku.it/en/ Enrico Signoretti – @esignoretti – www.cinetica.it/blog/ Ilja Coolen – @icoolen ... Read More »

Veeam Community Podcast Episode 9 – VAAI

I recently recorded a VEEAM Community Podcast with Rick Vanover.  You can find the podcast on Podbean here: http://veeam.podbean.com/2011/03/06/episode-9-%E2%80%93-virtualization-storage-with-vaai-and-other-smarts-on-disk/ Be sure to check Rick’s podcast out; it’s new and those who follow Infosmack will know Rick was a valuable and regular contributer to Virtumania. Read More »

VMware vs. Microsoft Virtualization: Is Hyper-V “Good Enough”?

In the world of x86 server virtualization, there’s no doubt that VMware’s vSphere dominates. This 2010 IDC virtualization report shows VMware as the only company in the upper right segment of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. However Citrix (with Xen Server) and Microsoft (with Hyper-V) are close behind. So, could the Microsoft solution be “good enough” for organizations that don’t want to ... Read More »

Managing iSCSI on Windows 2008 Core with Hyper-V

I've been spending some time recently working with Microsoft's Hyper-V virtualisation platform and one of the major hassles I've experienced is having to use the command line rather than GUI for certain functions. If you're not aware, Windows 2008 Core is a stripped down version of a standard Windows 2008 Server deployment and so has no GUI interface. That makes administering features such as iSCSI a little more challenging. Read More »

Amazon Web Services – VM Import

Amazon have announced the availability of a feature that allows vSphere virtual machines (as VMDKs) to be imported into AWS.  Today the feature is restricted to systems running Windows 2008 Server Sp2 but will be expanded in the future.  Now this concept sounds great but there’s a major drawback here – upload time.  A lot of my VMs are multi-gigabyte ... Read More »

Virtualization and Storage: Overview, Vendor Solutions

There’s no denying that virtualization platforms such as VMware and Hyper-V have revolutionized the way in which computing resources are deployed. Physical servers were usually under-utilized and took time and effort to deploy. These servers also consumed data center space, power and cooling. Virtualization reduced hardware costs, reduced the environmental requirements by saving on power and cooling and improved the ... Read More »