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Symantec Disaster Recovery Study 2010

I was recently briefed on the latest Symantec Disaster Recovery Study (2010), the details of which can be found here.  Some 1700 companies (of 5000 employees or more) were interviewed about various aspects of their backup environments.  As usual with these kind of surveys, there were some interesting results (I guess there have to be interesting results otherwise the surveys ... Read More »

Interview with Simon Hansford of Attenda at IP Expo

This year’s IP Expo at Earls Court in London has a real buzz about it.  I dropped in yesterday and managed to get a quick interview with Simon Hansford, founder of Attenda Ltd, a company offering cloud-based application managed services.  We’ve seen Simon on many a 3Par promotional video (and one of the videos was used in the HP/3Par presentation ... Read More »

Brief Interview with Vish Mulchand of 3Par

At 360IT last month I managed to catch up with Vish Mulchand, Director of Software Product Marketing.  Vish talks about Oracle VM Server support and other virtualisation platforms, including VMware, Hyper-V and Xen.  In a virtual world, storage and virtualisation integration is going to be key.  3Par have already demonstrated their support for VAAI; let’s hope under HP’s stewardship they ... Read More »

Random VAAI Thoughts

I’ve just posted about the SCSI support that enables VAAI features over on my storage blog.  Writing that post got me thinking about the wider aspects of VAAI or at least the reasons for why VAAI is needed.  This in turn spawned a few random thoughts I feel like sharing. VAAI is for SCSI. The current implementation supports SCSI, presumably ... Read More »

Will EMC Leave Non-Vblock Customers Out In The Cold?

Last Friday I was a guest on the latest Infosmack podcast, with special guest Chad Sakac.  One of the topics was Ionix Unified Infrastructure Manager 2.0 (initially in beta).  You can read more details in the press release, however in a nutshell, UIM is all about providing unified orchestration for deployment of virtualisation in a Vblock architecture. I asked Chad ... Read More »

Playing with Virtual Box

I’ve been using VMware products for close to 10 years now.  Scanning back on my purchase history, the first version of VMware Workstation I bought was 2.0.1 for NT & 2000 back in August 2001.  I was an immediate fan of the product and at the time used it on a software development project I was doing.  I developed the ... Read More »