Storage Innovation – Diablo Technologies

Although it doesn’t appear to be well taught these days, the fundamentals of computer architecture are important for understanding how our industry will evolve over time.  This knowledge is important in understanding some of the innovations we are seeing come to market.  I hear people talk about lack of innovation in the storage industry, however that couldn’t be further from ... Read More »

Moving On From Storage Tiering

One of the subjects that was raised again at last week’s  A3 IT Question Time in London was that of storage tiering.  To recap, the concept is pretty straightforward; you install storage within an array or architecture that has multiple levels of performance and data is placed on the appropriate tier based on its performance requirements.  In more complex environments, ... Read More »

Is Nirvanix closing down?

If the rumours are true, then Nirvanix Inc, one of the oldest cloud storage companies is about to go out of business.  Customer have less than two weeks to move their data elsewhere before services are closed down on 30th September.  How does this affect the market perception of cloud services in general and how should customers deal with it? ... Read More »

Mobile Platforms On The Rise (Updated)

The future of computing is mobile.  Well, that’s stating the obvious, but there’s a couple of interesting news articles on mobile technology today. First, Tesco, a UK cross-market retailer has released their own tablet device called the Hudl.  The company started as a food retailer many years ago and has since become a global brand covering not just food but ... Read More »

Violin Maestro – The Flash On-Ramp?

Imagine the following scenario, played out in IT departments around the world.  As business grows, so does data volume and application traffic.  Performance suffers as the application starts creaking around the edges.  The inevitable upgrade is required.  If the application is relatively new, it may be possible to scale out the architecture, however this isn’t the case for many traditional ... Read More »

ZFS & MySQL – Using Open Source

I’ve been a fan of the ZFS (zed-eff-ess to us in the UK)  filesystem ever since I evaluated the Sun Storage 7000 server in 2009.  The platform and technology has since been acquired by Oracle.   Although Sun Microsystems did have some odd product strategies, releasing OpenSolaris was one of their better ones, a concept that Oracle decided wasn’t part ... Read More »