Black Friday Comes Early for Violin

Violin Memory Inc released their 3Q 2014 financial results last week, which showed both an increase in revenue for the quarter and an increase in their losses for the same period.  At the same time they increased their customer base by only 32.  The markets reacted badly to the news, with Violin’s stock price falling by 48% on Friday 22nd ... Read More »

Benchmarks: Time for Some Vendor Honesty

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been doing some perusing of vendor products and benchmarks for both storage arrays and PCIe SSD cards.  For the PCIe data, you can see the fruits of this labour at PCIe SSD Vendors and Products.  This morning I was looking at the figures for the latest NetApp EF5x0 upgrade, the EF550, their interim all-flash ... Read More »

Tech News: Hitachi, HP & Simplivity

Just a quick post about some recent news. Hitachi have announced their Accelerated Flash modules have been upgraded to 3.2TB capacity and are now supported in the midrange HUS 150 product.  The expanded capacity is behind the predicted schedule of March 2013 and comes 12 months after the initial product launch.  At a recent HDS Influencers’ Day in London, Hitachi ... Read More »

Violin Memory Delivers Converged Storage

As mentioned in this recent post, there’s a lot of activity in the market looking at combining storage and compute not just in the same rack (version 1.0) but within the same server infrastructure itself.  We can look to Nutanix as being the first to bring this to market in a commercial product and where they have led, others have ... Read More »

Virtualisation – Solving the Storage Problem

One of the interesting take-aways from VMworld EMEA this year was the number of companies looking to solve the “storage problem” in virtualisation.  I’m sure many of our traditional storage vendors will say that no problem exists, however there is a perception that storage, in particular Fibre Channel, is a costly solution and requires expensive administrators to keep tidy and ... Read More »

Storage Horror Show Is Merely An Opportunity

Browsing through my RSS feeds, I read this post by Chris Mellor – apparently storage is turning into a bit of a horror show.  On the one hand I see Chris’ point, storage does seem complex and (as others have described) somewhat cumbersome.  However that’s the nature of the beast when you have to retain availability of the company’s assets. ... Read More »