Understanding the Value of Seagate Kinetic

Once in a while a new technology comes along and despite all your best efforts, it is a challenge to put a measure on the value.  So it is with Seagate’s Kinetic announcement, which has been covered across the media recently.  In case you missed it, here’s the press release.  Seagate are claiming it as a breakthrough in hard drive ... Read More »

6TB HGST Helium Drive Continues Move to Two-Tier Storage

Over the years, hard disk drives have steadily increased their speeds, peaking at 15,000 RPM, with only a fleeting attempt by Western Digital to push the boundaries up to 20K.  As we know, at that point solid-state drives became more viable than faster HDDs and manufacturers have reined back their aspirations.  Recently we’ve seen more focus on larger capacity storage. ... Read More »

The Storage Industry Is No Get Rich Quick Scheme (Goodbye Starboard)

The demise of Starboard Storage, a vendor of hybrid storage arrays is being widely reported across the IT media outlets (see coverage in related links at the end of this article).  Howard Marks has some good background on the company history, which saves me repeating what’s already been written.  Starboard were both hybrid and converged – hybrid in the sense ... Read More »

A Tale of Two Archives – BlackPearl and Cleversafe

It’s been a tiring but interesting few weeks of travel lately, with the Spectralogic Summit, VMworld EMEA and IP Expo all happening within a few weeks.  One interesting observation coming from these events is the approach being taken by vendors to manage large scale archives. Spectralogic BlackPearl I have to say I didn’t know much about Spectralogic before attending their ... Read More »

NFS Vendor Benchmarks – Caveat Emptor

This week we’ve seen an update on NFS benchmarks with Hitachi announcing their latest results (via Hu’s blog) using HUS File and FMDs (Flash Module Drives).  Of course Hitachi wouldn’t be announcing if they hadn’t beaten EMC with the figures; no-one releases data that makes them look worse, after all.  But what are the data behind those numbers and can ... Read More »

Nasuni Cloud Mirroring – Protecting Against Service Provider Failures

Following on from my post discussing the shutdown of Nirvanix, last week I took some time to catch up with Nasuni and had a good conversation with Andres Rodriguez, Founder and CEO.  In particular, we talked about their new Cloud Mirroring feature, a replication offering that looks to mitigate the risk of using a single back-end storage service provider. Background ... Read More »