Storage Virtualisation

This week I’ve been thinking a bit more about storage virtualisation. I’m planning to implement virtualisation using the HDS USP product. The decision to use HDS has been based on the need to supply large amounts of lower tiered storage (development data) but retain the functionality to production tiers for data mobility. Using a USP or NSC55 as a “head” ... Read More »

Fit for purpose

I’ve been away skiing during the last week and whilst I’m sure no-one wants to hear the details of my skiing skills (which aren’t good), it did make me think about how my trip related to storage. For those uninitiated, the difficulty of ski slopes are graded by colour, in order from easiest to hardest, green, blue, red and black. ... Read More »

The technical solution is not always the best

As an architect, the best technical solution should win out every time. This week I’ve come to realise that the technical solution isn’t always best. I’ve had to deal with not putting forward the technical solution I know is the most appropriate in favour of a technically inferior solution which is more politically acceptable. I pondered for a while, should ... Read More »