Reflections on VMworld 2013

Although I haven’t attended this week, I have been keeping more than a passing eye on the events unfolding at this year’s VMworld 2013.  After having absorbed some of the keynotes, blog posts and tweets, it’s about time I expressed an opinion on some of the announcements so far. The Software Defined Mantra Say it often enough and people will ... Read More »

The Evolution of Hitachi Data Systems

It wasn’t long ago that many people used to think of Hitachi Data Systems, aka HDS as nothing more than a box shifter.  I myself have to admit at being complicit in that view, being somewhat negative of the release of Hitachi High Availability Manager in 2009.  The other criticism levelled at the company was the quality of their software, ... Read More »

Living without Microsoft – Introduction

With news of Steve Ballmer’s retirement from Microsoft, I thought it would be interesting to see how easy it would be to divest completely of all Microsoft products in both the consumer and enterprise spaces.  I have a feeling that many of today’s existing users are there because they have to, rather than because they choose to and this experience ... Read More »

Performance Tier or Capacity Tier? – No It’s the Working Set

There have been a couple of articles on The Register over the last couple of days talking about EMC CTO John Roese and his use of the terms “Capacity Tier” for VMAX storage and “Performance Tier” for their flash solutions.  Sadly this shows EMCs CTO has an outdated view of the industry, is perpetuating old-school views of storage to meet ... Read More »

ScaleIO, EMC’s New Baby

Keeping up the theme of innovation in storage (yes, it exists, you just have to look), earlier this week I had a chat to one of the UK folks at ScaleIO, the startup now acquired by EMC. ScaleIO are a software company selling a product called Elastic Converged Storage (ECS) that turns ordinary servers into storage arrays.  We’ve heard that ... Read More »

Tech Trailblazers 2013

Last year I was fortunate to be a judge of the 2012 Tech Trailblazers awards.  After some intense scrutinising, awards were made across nine categories including storage and virtualisation.  A full list of the previous winners are included at the end of this post.  I’ve talked about a few of these companies in the past, including SolidFire and Nutanix and ... Read More »