Managing Risk in IT

The IT debacle at RBS has highlighted the dependency large financial organisations (and other companies) have on their IT infrastructure.  From what has leaked out into the press, the RBS issue relates to a piece of software called CA-7, used for mainframe batch job scheduling. When I first started in IT in 1987, CA-7 (and it’s sister product CA-1, used ... Read More »

Windows Server 2012 (Windows Server “8”) – New Features Roundup

This post tracks a series of articles discussing new features in the upcoming Windows Server 2012, currently in beta as Windows Server 8.  This represents Microsoft‘s eighth generation operating system, succeeding the previous server release Windows Server 2008 R2.   Windows Server 2012 (Windows Server “8″) – Storage Spaces Windows Server 2012 (Windows Server “8″) – Resilient File System Windows ... Read More »

Windows Server 2012 (Windows Server “8”) – Storage Spaces

This is one of a series of posts discussing the new features in Windows Server 2012, due to be shipped this year and currently in public beta release as Windows Server “8”.  You can find references to other related posts at the end of this article.  This post reviews the new Storage Spaces feature. Background Storage Spaces is a feature ... Read More »

Microsoft Announces The Surface Tablet

We now know what Microsoft’s big announcement is – a tablet called the Surface.  To many this may seem like just another “me too” product from the company that used to rule the desktop, but I think a closer look is needed at what Microsoft are actually doing here. The Surface First of all, we should really talk about the ... Read More »

Short Review: Infortrend EonNAS Pro 200

Infortrend have been producing storage products since 1993.  In this post we will look at one of their desktop SOHO products, the 2-drive EonNAS Pro 200, which I’ve recently had on short review for a couple of weeks. Hardware The box itself is a smart, matt-black unit, with minimal buttons and external lights.  It feels solid to the touch without ... Read More »

Bad Day At The Office For Dell, HP & Netapp

Just a quick post on news that came over the wire late UK time. Dell saw their share price drop by 17% today on weak quarterly figures, as reported by Forbes, with seemingly significant drops in their consumer business.  Could this partly be the Apple effect? Dell are working hard at building their storage business although there’s still a way to ... Read More »