Food: Aroma Spice – Sundon Village

Last week we took a trip to what is fast becoming our favourite local Indian restaurant; Aroma Spice in Sundon Village.  Based in a converted pub, the restaurant has been around for some time, but we’ve only recently discovered it.  Locally “Gourmet Nights” are usually Tuesday and Wednesday, where starter, main, rice/bread and side dish are all included for a ... Read More »

It’s Podcast “All Change” In IT

Last week we heard about the death of NekkidTech, Greg Knieriemen‘s follow-on podcast vehicle after leaving the InfoSmack fold.  After only 23 episodes, this format of podcast is over and I hear that something new may be coming this week.  InfoSmack itself seems to have evolved and is now presented by Nigel Poulton and Rick Vanover.  Rick already runs the ... Read More »

Travel in April: Storage Field Day

At the end of April I will be attending the first Storage Field Day, part of Stephen Foskett’s Tech Field Day events.  It seems a little odd to be having a dedicated storage day, as most or a majority perhaps of the preceding presentations have been storage focused.  However there’s been a theme going on with Networking Field Days and a Security ... Read More »

VEEAM Community Podcast #59 – SSD State Of The Union 2

Here’s a link to a podcast I did last week with my good friend Rick Vanover.  It’s a discussion on SSD and where we stand today.  With the wealth of SSD information around today, this podcast could have been 2 hours long! VEEAM Community Podcast #59 – SSD State Of The Union 2 Read More »

Raspberry Pi Launch Aims to Herald New Era of Education in Computing

Today is the official launch of the Raspberry Pi, an ambitious UK project to create low cost computing with the aim of bringing a proper understanding of computing back to education.  The device is itself is a fully fledged computer the size of a credit card with external USB and HDMI connectors.  What’s remarkable about Raspberry Pi is the price; ... Read More »

Electronic Organisers: From Paper to iPhone

This weekend I took the kids to Staples to pick up supplies for the start back to school.  Adam (Son #2) was looking for a folder to keep his homework and other assorted books in, when he spotted Filofax folders and decided that would work for him.  It took me a while to explain what Filofax was and that they ... Read More »