EMC Enters The Market With “Me Too” Flash Products

Yesterday EMC finally revealed the details on their not-so-secret Lightning and Thunder flash projects.  Fortunately this launch event didn’t include cramming small people into minis or firing Chad Sakac out of a cannon, but was more focused on the market and products EMC are bringing to it.  There was also a large amount of Twitter activity; look back at the ... Read More »

Nekkid Tech at Dell Storage Forum London

Last month I briefly took part in Nekkid Tech Podcast #14.  This was recorded in London at Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese Pub on Fleet Street.  The evening itself was quite entertaining and loud as you can hear from the podcast.  Greg and Ed interviewed a number of the Dell management team on what to expect from Dell in storage in ... Read More »

Fusion-IO Shares Tumble as New Entrants Prepare to Enter The Market

It’s never a good day at the office when your shares drop by 20% in a single day.  However the relentless drive to produce better results quarter-on-quarter is what the US stock markets demand of publicly listed companies such as Fusion-IO.  Poor results this week saw their shares punished by a drop from just over $30 to below $25 today. ... Read More »

Drive Prices Increase – Who Will Suffer Most?

Storagezilla calls out hard disk availability in his recent post.  In fact, I discussed the subject of drive prices last week with James Carter of Touchdown PR on my way to SNW Europe.  James highlighted he was seeing prices on standard drives having doubled recently. I went back and looked at my last drive purchases – two Western Digital 2TB ... Read More »

Emulex – Evolution of the HBA

At SNW Europe this week I took some time to talk to Emulex about their OneCommand product.  It’s been upgraded to version 2.0, which will be the subject of a post for another day, once I’ve had a chance to install and review it. I also discussed the core of Emulex’s business, namely HBAs (Host Bus Adaptors) and it’s time ... Read More »

EMC Releases All Flash VNX

As the vendor who introduced flash drives into traditional arrays some 2+ years ago, we shouldn’t be surprised that EMC has released an all-flash version of its mid-range array, the VNX.  The new device, codenamed VNX5500-F can support up to 250 200GB drives for a maximum all-flash capacity of 50TB.  EMC don’t say, but assuming the drives are something like ... Read More »