EMC Releases All Flash VNX

As the vendor who introduced flash drives into traditional arrays some 2+ years ago, we shouldn’t be surprised that EMC has released an all-flash version of its mid-range array, the VNX.  The new device, codenamed VNX5500-F can support up to 250 200GB drives for a maximum all-flash capacity of 50TB.  EMC don’t say, but assuming the drives are something like ... Read More »

Solid State Arrays: SolidFire

One of the attendees at TFD#8 was SolidFire Inc, another startup company focusing on selling entirely solid-state disk arrays.  As you’d expect, they have their own niche and part of the market they are targeting with their all-flash drive product.  So how do they compare to the competition and what’s their “unique selling point” compared to the likes of Violin ... Read More »

IP Expo – 19 & 20 October 2011

This week I’ll be attending IP Expo, which has probably become the UK’s biggest IT event.  You can find more details out at the IP Expo Website, but if you’re quick, entry is free. I’ll be there both days and I’m pretty busy with vendor briefings, but if you are going, drop me a note and we can meet up ... Read More »

SNW Europe 2011 – Powering the Cloud

I’ve a busy few weeks planned for the end of October and November.  One event I’ll be attending is SNW Europe 2011. The event takes place in Frankfurt between 2-3 November 2011, with the strapline “Powering The Cloud” – you can find a link to the website here: http://poweringthecloud.com/home.  There are actually three events taking place at the same time.  ... Read More »

More on Cloud Server Performance – Updated!

Following on from my previous post, I thought I would do a little more work on cloud server performance.  First, it’s worth looking at the underlying hardware serving virtual servers in the cloud.  As I’ve been using CentOS as the base O/S for my testing, it’s pretty simple to get a summary of the CPU stats from each virtual machine.  ... Read More »

New Podcast: Nekkid Tech

Last week I was invited on to Greg Knieriemen‘s new podcast called Nekkid Tech.  You may remember Greg (who doesn’t) as the host, until recently, of Infosmack.  You can find a link to the download here (Nekkid Tech #3 – Chasing Amazon).  As usual I haven’t listened to this post-production, but I’m sure it was good.  Trust me – I ... Read More »