Slides from London VMUG 19th July 2012


Here are my slides from the London VMUG yesterday.  It was a great event and thanks to everyone who attended the session.  Good to meet you all!   Read More »

How Viable Is Cloud Storage? Nasuni & Avere Quick View


This week has seen announcements from two companies I’ve been interested in and following for some time. Nasuni Nasuni makes a storage appliance that stores all of a customer’s data in “the cloud”.  It’s available either as a physical device (effectively a server running their software) or as a virtual machine.  What makes their product interesting is that both the ... Read More »

Windows Server 2012 (Windows Server “8”) – Resilient File System


This is one of a series of posts discussing the new features in Windows Server 2012, due to be shipped this year and currently in public beta as Windows Server 8.  You can find references to other related posts at the end of this article.  This post reviews the new file system format known as the Resilient File System or ... Read More »

The Cyclical Nature of Storage


Perhaps I should have entitled this post “The Cyclical Nature of IT” because the same principles apply.   Over time, storage moves back and forth between fully dispersed and fully centralised like a sine wave on an oscilloscope. The Evidence Look at the evidence.  In the 1950’s and 1960’s there was no choice but to be centralised.  All we had ... Read More »

Managing Risk in IT


The IT debacle at RBS has highlighted the dependency large financial organisations (and other companies) have on their IT infrastructure.  From what has leaked out into the press, the RBS issue relates to a piece of software called CA-7, used for mainframe batch job scheduling. When I first started in IT in 1987, CA-7 (and it’s sister product CA-1, used ... Read More »

Windows Server 2012 (Windows Server “8”) – New Features Roundup


This post tracks a series of articles discussing new features in the upcoming Windows Server 2012, currently in beta as Windows Server 8.  This represents Microsoft‘s eighth generation operating system, succeeding the previous server release Windows Server 2008 R2.   Windows Server 2012 (Windows Server “8″) – Storage Spaces Windows Server 2012 (Windows Server “8″) – Resilient File System Windows ... Read More »