HP Discover 2011 – Day 1 Summary

It’s tempting to use hackneyed phrases like “drinking from a firehose” but without a doubt the first day at HP Discover 2011 was loaded with information and news.  For bloggers and press, the day started off with a presentation by many of HP’s senior staff, including Dave Donatelli and David Scott.  We learned that EVA is not dead (well, not ... Read More »

HP Discover 2011 – Day 1

I’m now in Las Vegas, ready for the start of HP Discover 2011, the annual forum showcasing HP’s products and service offerings.  Compared to previous HP events I’ve attended, this one is larger and more structured from a blogger perspective. There are 24 blogger attendees (listed below) including myself.  Some of these people are old friends; some will become new ... Read More »

Nexenta European User Conference – Interview with Evan Powell

Last week as part of my attendance at the Nexenta European User Conference I managed to catch CEO Evan Powell for a quick 5 minute interview talking about the event and Nexenta in general.  One of the most interesting scenarios for Nexenta is in Cloud Computing and Evan touches on their deployment with Korea Telecom; more details can be found ... Read More »

Nexenta Europe User Conference – Slides

Here are the slides from the Nexenta European User Conference from Friday. Read More »

Solving the VDI I/O Problem

In my post on last year’s HP tech day (Enterprise Computing HP Blades Tech Day) I raised my skepticism on the ROI of desktop virtualisation or VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) solutions.  One of the reasons for my concern was the excessive costs for deploying the storage needed to support I/O to hundreds or thousands of virtual desktops.  The issues aren’t ... Read More »

Keeping Mobile Market Share – With Music

Yesterday Google announced Google Music, their competitor platform to the recent Amazon Cloud Player.  Both are services that allow you to store and access your music from within the “cloud”; Amazon can transfer music purchases directly in for you, with the Google service you have to upload your music content first.  Unfortunately both of these services are US-only (I imagine ... Read More »