New White Paper: Storage Caching Solutions

The second of a series of technical briefs, this one covering caching solutions is now available online.  As ever, this is free to download and distribute as an entire document.  The editorial schedule (which is currently a little behind) is available here – Architecting.IT Editorial Schedule.  White papers are also distributed via email, so be sure to subscribe for regular ... Read More »

HDS Influencers’ Day and Speaking in Tech Podcast

Last week I was fortunate to spend the first few days in Colorado Springs, staying at The Broadmoor resort.  I was attending Hitachi’s HDS Influencers’ Day, a small select group of 30 people chosen from across the industry to hear how Hitachi/HDS is changing and what we can expect from them in the future.  Events as small as this are ... Read More »

Iaas Series: Amazon S3 Version Objects Lifecycle Management

S3, or Simple Storage Service is Amazon’s high capacity, high resiliency object store.  The company recently announced a new feature, which allows versioned objects (those objects where multiple versions are retained for historical archive purposes) in S3 to be managed with lifecycle rules that either move data to AWS Glacier or assign a time period for the deletion of historical ... Read More »

Funding and Acquisitions: Maxta, Inktank and Greenbytes

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve seen news on funding and acquisitions. Maxta Inc At the beginning of May Maxta Inc announced a “B” round of funding totalling $25 million from Tenaya Capital, Intel Capital and Andreessen Horowitz.  I’ve talked about this company before, but as a bit of background, Maxta’s MxSP (Maxta Storage Platform) is a distributed scale-out storage ... Read More »

Project Liberty – A Brave Step For EMC?

In the run-up to EMC World next week, EMC has released information about something they are calling “Project Liberty”, which appears to be a virtual appliance based on VNX.  Is this a serious attempt to deliver products for the ethereal Software Defined Data Centre and what risk does this pose to EMC’s traditional storage business? Late To The Party Virtual ... Read More »

SolidFire Releases Element OS Version 6

In anticipation of the upcoming Storage Field Day 5, this post will discuss the new features made available by SolidFire with the release of version 6 of Element OS, the software that drives their storage system.  Much of this information was discussed at the first SolidFire Analysts’ Day, held in February 2014.  If there’s a theme to this release it’s ... Read More »