SDDC Symposium 2014

In conjunction with Storage Field Day 5, the Tech Field Day folks are holding another Storage Defined Data Centre event on Tuesday 22nd April 2014 at the Santa Clara Convention Centre.  This is a busy week for storage events, as SNIA is holding it’s Data Storage Innovation Conference at the same location; Tech Field Day is a co-located partner. I ... Read More »

Storage Field Day 5: New Vendor Added – Scale Computing

This week brings me to San Jose and the next Storage Field Day (number 5) from Stephen and folks on the Tech Field Day team.  I previously posted some background information on the presenting companies and since then the team have announced that Scale Computing has been added to the list. Scale Computing is one of the hyper-converged infrastructure vendors, ... Read More »

IaaS Series: Cloud Storage Pricing – How Low Can They Go?

With recent “price wars” between Google, Amazon and Microsoft, the cost of storage in the cloud has never been cheaper.  The question is, how long can these vendors keep reducing their prices and are we any closer to the bottom as far as Infrastructure as a Service is concerned? The latest price drops from the big IaaS players puts the ... Read More »

Happy 50th Birthday Mainframe!

It’s a word that gets used frequently in Hollywood blockbuster films to describe some kind of all seeing centralised computer resource.  The “mainframe”, or at least IBMs most popular incarnation of it, is 50 years old today. For me, the underlying architecture of the IBM mainframe, System/360, and the subsequent iterations (System/370, System/390, z/OS etc) is something I look back ... Read More »

Scale-out Versus Scale-Up – SDR News Interview

I recently appeared on SDR news, discussing my Computer Weekly blog article on scale out versus scale up.  In the video I chat to Andy McCaskey about the technological differences and some of the players in the market.  The video follows in this post.  Here’s a link to the original article. Scale Out set to eclipse Scale up for the ... Read More »

IaaS Series – Google Compute Engine Sustained Use Discounts

Over the coming weeks and months I will be covering public cloud computing and discussing the offerings from the major vendors in the market.  Initially this will focus on Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS from Google (Google Cloud Platform), Amazon (Amazon Web Services) and Microsoft (Azure), although where possible I will include other providers, especially those in the UK ... Read More »