Balancing Bicycle and Storage Resources

Transport for London today unveiled their new bicycle hire scheme, hopefully making it easier and cheaper to get around London on short journeys.  You can find details of the scheme here.  The concept is pretty simple; at various locations around central London you can hire a bicycle, collecting and dropping it off at one of a number of dedicated stations, ... Read More »

IBM to Acquire StorWize

I read with interest yesterday’s announcement from IBM that they are to acquire Storwize, a vendor of NAS compression technology.  Maybe I don’t understand enough about the technology, however I don’t see much benefit in installing an application in front of my NAS environment to only achieve between 50-90% reduction in storage.  What’s more surprising is that IBM would want ... Read More »

Hitachi: The Value of uValue

This week I’ve been catching up with the folks at Hitachi in Japan, including a visit with the Storage Division.  Unfortunately that part of the week was under NDA and so can’t be discussed.  What I can say is what was discussed was extremely interesting and I look forward to what we get to see in the future.  However, back ... Read More »

Hitachi uValue 2010 – Akihabara Visit

Unfortunately I can’t blog on the first day of the uValue trip due to NDA restrictions, however what I can do is show you some video.  This is our trip to the electronics district in Tokyo.  We didn’t find anything earth shattering, but after a couple of hours walking around in the heat, I think we concluded we were looking ... Read More »

London VMware User Group 15 July 2010 – Slides

Last week I presented at the VMware User Group in London.  Here are the slides I used for that presentation. These slides are freely available for download and distribution. VMUG – Thin Storage in a Virtual World – 15-07-10 Read More »

Hitachi uValue

I have been fortunate to be invited by Hitachi to attend next week’s uValue conference in Tokyo, Japan.  For those who aren’t aware, 2010 is the 100th anniversary of the founding of Hitachi Ltd, the owning parent of Hitachi Data Systems, so this year’s uValue conference should be something special. This event isn’t about Hitachi Data Systems, but rather the ... Read More »