Review: Western Digital WD20FYPS 2TB SATA-II Hard Drive

This review covers the Western Digital RE4-GP drive, also known as the WD20FYPS 2TB SATA model.  Previous reviews: THw WD20FYPS is a 2TB SATA drive from Western Digital’s Enterprise Drive range.  It boasts a larger cache and a whole range of features that should boost performance and reliability.  But are these benefits really worth the additional cost? The Basics ... Read More »

Personal Computing: Playing With Google Buzz

OK, I’ve succumb to the marketing and taken the plunge with Google’s latest offering; Buzz.  I was mighty disappointed with the Google OS and Google Wave, so my expectations of Buzz weren’t that high.  For the uninitiated and from what I’ve discerned so far, Buzz is targeting itself at Twitter and Facebook/FriendFeed enabling users to produce a news feed in ... Read More »

Cloud Computing: UK Power Cuts: What About Your Data Centre?

A report published today by OFGEM, the UK’s energy regulator makes bleak reading for the future of electricity supply in this country.  The BBC discusses it here. The report highlights £200bn of under-investment and the risk of power cuts over the next decade.  It’s a damning statement on the deregulation of the power industry but should be ringing alarm bells for anyone ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: Vendor Guarantees

My previous post regarding HDS and 3Par’s savings guarantees generated a few replies and rather than respond in comment, I’ve written an additional post in case I rant on too much. First thought: vendor guarantees need to be genuine; no hiding behind obtuse configurations that help to fluff the figures, or restrictions on the type of data suitable for reduction. ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: 3par and HDS – 50% Saving – Guaranteed?

In the past week, both 3Par and HDS have announced a 50% guarantee on reclaimed storage if customers move data from existing “fat” legacy arrays to 3Par storage or use HDS thin provisioning technologies.  The 3Par news release is here; the Hitachi news release is here. The 3Par guarantee is presented with a caveat: The above is intended to highlight ... Read More »

ESXi: Learning The Hard Way

They say that you learn the most when you make mistakes and things go wrong.  Well, last night I certainly must have learned a lot.  What started as a simple physical re-organisation of my hardware turned into a rebuild of my production VMware ESXi server – finishing at 1am.  Here’s what happened. Failing Disk I started by shutting down and ... Read More »