AWS Supports Mainstream Protocols For Tape Backup

I’ve been catching up on some reading backlog and came across a recent post on the Amazon Web Services blog relating to tape-based backup.  Amazon are not about to support tape directly, however their storage gateway has been updated to support Virtual Tape Libraries.  I looked at the previous Storage Gateway about twelve months ago (Review: AWS Storage Gateway) and ... Read More »

New White Paper on Flash Storage For Download

The first of a series of technical briefs, this one covering flash storage, is now available online.  These are free to download and distribute as a whole document.  I’m hoping to get a document out each month; my editorial schedule is available for review here – Architecting.IT Editorial Schedule.  If you want to receive white paper, technical brief, company brief ... Read More »

Updated All-Flash Array Spreadsheet

Rather than update a static spreadsheet and circulate, I’ve uploaded most/all of the data from the previous spreadsheet to an online version on my Codex.  You can find the tables here – Solid State Arrays Features Comparison.  This will be updated as I discover more information and can provide an official link to the source data.  At the moment there ... Read More »

EMC: ViPR Now Available For Permanent Evaluation

In an interesting move, EMC has made ViPR available for download and evaluation with no restrictions other than mandating it for non-production use.  Releasing NFR (Not For Resale) copies of software is no new thing; VEEAM have done it for years as have many other companies looking to get their software out there in people’s hands for testing and of ... Read More »

Why EMC Should Have Bought IBM’s Server Business

By now the news will be out – Lenovo are buying IBM’s X Server business.  But what would happen if things had been different and EMC made the first move? I’m sure many of you are thinking that this strategy would make no sense, but bear with me for a moment.  Firstly let’s look at EMC’s business as it stands ... Read More »

Commodity Cloud Prices Continue The Race to The Bottom

Amazon Web Services have continued their downward drive on prices with their latest announcement reducing S3 and EBS storage by up to 22% and 50% respectively.  Very large customers fare the best, with the full 22% reduction in S3 prices, however the more typical user, with 1-50TB of storage will only see a 6% saving.  Since the launch of the ... Read More »