There’s Still Value in Dedicated Arrays – For Now

Today I managed to write about 90% of a blog post talking about value and traditional storage arrays – train journeys are pretty good for that sort of thing (and for taking your mind off the other passengers).  However having read some of the comments regarding Backblaze’s latest blog post on their drive reliability, I decided a small rewrite was ... Read More »

Nutanix Raises an Additional $101 million for Hyper-Convergence

As revealed today, the Nutanix juggernaut thunders on with the announcement of a further round of investment totalling $101 million, bringing the collective investment in the company so far to $172.2m across four rounds of funding. The hyper-converged product space is extremely active, in terms of funds invested.  As recently as November 2013 I wrote about SimpliVity, a Nutanix competitor ... Read More »

CentOS Moves Closer to Red Hat

In an announcement yesterday the CentOS Project has announced that it is moving closer to Red Hat, with a more collaborative approach to the way in which CentOS is managed and distributed.  For those not fully aware, CentOS is a free open-source binary compatible version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (which is a fully supported and chargeable product).  CentOS is ... Read More »

2014 – The Year of Storage Virtualisation

Earlier this week I was reading an article in the UK’s Computing magazine, which listed research on key priorities for businesses over the next three years.  The top three items for research were listed as Storage Virtualisation, Desktop Virtualisation and solid state drives (SSDs).  I was interested that 56% of respondents said they were looking into doing virtualisation of their ... Read More »

A Look Back at 2013 & Plans for 2014

As we start 2014 and prepare for another 365 days of information technology fun, I thought it would be good to both look back and forward to what has taken place during the last 12 months and what we can expect from Architecting IT during the next twelve.  Here are just some thoughts, although this isn’t an exhaustive list! 2013 ... Read More »

A Ten Year Flash Array? No Thanks!

George Crump makes some interesting comments in his recent article on whether today’s breed of all-flash storage arrays could survive for 10 years in the data centre.  Whilst the logic of his comments make sense, I think there’s little desire to be using today’s all flash devices in 10 years’ time. There’s no reason to think that the all flash ... Read More »