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Storage Content on the Internet – Podcasts

I follow a large number of blogs; too many to list on the main page, so I’ve started to summarise them here by category or vendor.  Expect one a day to be added for some time.  You may know some of these, you may not.  If you’re not on the list, add a comment and I’ll put you on here.

Storage Vendors

End Users

  • Grumpy Storage (http://www.grumpystorage.com) – Ian “HF”; grumpy scottish pessimist.  Get the end user view with pragmatic opinions on the delivery of storage services – (@ianhf)
  • Storage Bod (http://storagebod.typepad.com) – Martin Glassborow; UK storage manager in the media industry.  Lots of thoughtful views on storage and more.  Also UK organiser of #storagebeers! (@storagebod)


Storage Boys and Girls