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Brief Interview with Vish Mulchand of 3Par

At 360IT last month I managed to catch up with Vish Mulchand, Director of Software Product Marketing.  Vish talks about Oracle VM Server support and other virtualisation platforms, including VMware, Hyper-V and Xen.  In a virtual world, storage and virtualisation integration is going to be key.  3Par have already demonstrated their support for VAAI; let’s hope under HP’s stewardship they ... Read More »

HP Converged Infrastructure Event – 3PAR Is The Big Story

I’ve just returned from spending two days in Barcelona, attending the HP Converged Infrastructure Event. Disclaimer: HP paid for my flights, hotels and meals during this trip.  I was otherwise not remunerated for my time or required to blog about the event. The event was more a media/press session rather than a technical deep dive, although technical product managers were ... Read More »

Two Weeks in Review

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for me, with two lots of travelling in different directions.  Last week I was in Barcelona at the HP Converged Infrastructure (CI)Event and the week previously at HDS’s launch of the new VSP (Virtual Storage Platform).  Both HP and HDS released their new platform at the same time (HP as the P9500, HDS ... Read More »

EMC Delays New CLARiiON and Celerra? – UPDATED

According to this Barrons report, EMC are delayed in the release of their next generation of CLARiiON and Celerra hardware until around April next year.  I’m not aware of details of any new products, but I suspect that EMC is looking to harmonise these two product lines into a single piece of hardware and software, making the products more unified ... Read More »

3Par Acquisition: The Future For The Storage Industry

The ongoing battle for 3Par by HP & Dell tells us much more about the state of the IT Industry than just the desires of two companies to acquire some interesting storage tech.  It signals an acceptance that storage is a key feature in the future direction of the IT industry – more important than networking and almost as important ... Read More »

Choosing Between Monolithic and Modular Architectures – Part II

This is a series of post discussing storage array architectures.  Previous posts: Choosing Between Monolithic and Modular Architectures – Part I In the first post, I discussed the shared storage model architectures typified by what we sometimes think of as Enterprise arrays, but I’ve called monolithic.  This term harks back to the mainframe days of large single computers (see Wikipedia ... Read More »