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Gestalt IT Tech Field Day – Day 1: MDS Micro, Xsigo, VMware

Day 1 of the Gestalt IT Field Day started early at 7am with a trip to VMware and their executive briefing centre where breakfast was provided.   As well as food, there was an opportunity to see the “data centre in a rack”, used at VMworld to run all of the demo and presentation materials. Once replete, we were whisked ... Read More »

GestaltIT Field Day: “Do You Know…” Contest

The GestaltIT Tech Field Day is only  few days away now and you can expect by this time next week we’ll have some interesting posts on the seven presenting sponsors.  By way of a warm-up, we’re providing a competition, full details of which can be found here.  So, follow the links to one or more of the specific companies below ... Read More »

Social Networking: GestaltIT Tech Field Day Confirmed!

No doubt if you follow things on GestaltIT, you will know that the first Tech Field Day has been confirmed.  Vendors baked in to present their products are (in no particular order): 3Par, Data Robotics Inc, MDS, Nirvanix, Ocarina Networks and Xsigo Systems. There are a select number of bloggers from the IT community attending (myself included), with interests covering ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: Storage Expo – It’s All Over

So Storage Expo is over for another year.  As usual it was the mix of meeting old friends, finding out who had moved to work with who and working out how early to head out to the pub! For me, there were a number of interesting take aways: SVC 5.0 – lots of new stuff here that will form part ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: So EMC, Where’s Your Thin Persistence?

Following on from yesterday’s announcement by 3Par, I’m wondering just where EMC is in the thin reclamation market.  HDS have ZPR, which although working as a background collection process, does reclaim zeroed out blocks of data.  I believe SVC has similar functionality too. We all know that over time, Thin volumes transition back to Thick volumes as data is created ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: 3Par Thin Enhancements

3Par today took the opportunity at SNW USA to announce some enhancements to their thin provisioning technology.  The new features are: Thin Conversion. Slims down “stout” storage volumes as they are moved to a thin environment. Thin Copy Reclamation. Reclaims unused space from snapshot or replicated volumes. Thin Reclamation for Veritas Storage Foundation. Integrates with VxVM to release deleted data ... Read More »