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Enterprise Computing: 3Par Thin Enhancements

3Par today took the opportunity at SNW USA to announce some enhancements to their thin provisioning technology.  The new features are: Thin Conversion. Slims down “stout” storage volumes as they are moved to a thin environment. Thin Copy Reclamation. Reclaims unused space from snapshot or replicated volumes. Thin Reclamation for Veritas Storage Foundation. Integrates with VxVM to release deleted data ... Read More »

You Sunk My Battleship!

I spent some time today with the good folks at 3Par, as offered by Marc Farley a few posts ago. It was good to get more of a background on the product and also see what’s happening in the future (although I can’t talk about that!). I think most of their technology is fairly well known (thin provisioning, wide striping ... Read More »

Understanding EVA – revisited

Thanks to all those who posted in response to Understanding EVA earlier this week, especially Cleanur who added a lot of detail. Based on the additional knowledge, I’d summarise again: EVA disks are placed in groups – usually recommended to be one single group unless there’s a compelling reason not to (like different disk types e.g. FC/FATA). Disk groups are ... Read More »

Nexsan going public

I’ve been reading the Nexsan statement announcing their intention to go public. I don’t know much about their products other than they sell high density storage systems. What intrigued me about reading the announcement is the amount of exposure to the internal operation of the business occurs when statements are made to SEC as part of a flotation. For instance, ... Read More »

Brocade Update

Since I wrote about Brocade shares on 7th November, the share price has dropped from $9.28 to $7.74, or 16.6%. That changes the P/E ratio from 17.19 to 14.33. Does that make them more investable? Perhaps. In August the shares dropped as low as $6. In the last 52 weeks, the lowest price has been $4.79. I think if the ... Read More »

3Par float

3Par finally floated on Friday this week. You can read the official announcement here. 7.5 million shares were released at a target price of $14 (about £7 in real money). In total, there are 60,015,700 shares of common stock now outstanding, valuing the company at a shade over $840 million. This isn’t bad for a company with just over $66m ... Read More »