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More on Cloud Server Performance – Updated!

Following on from my previous post, I thought I would do a little more work on cloud server performance.  First, it’s worth looking at the underlying hardware serving virtual servers in the cloud.  As I’ve been using CentOS as the base O/S for my testing, it’s pretty simple to get a summary of the CPU stats from each virtual machine.  ... Read More »

Is The Performance Of All Cloud Servers The Same?

One of the benefits of delivering Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) through the cloud is an abstraction from the underlying hardware delivering the service.  There’s no requirement to understand what technology is being used to deliver, for example, cloud servers.  The specification of a cloud-based server is based on a few simple metrics, CPU, memory and disk space. CPU or ... Read More »

Cloud: Security Experts Required!

So it appears from today’s announcement that the Sony Playstation Network was hacked after all. Some 70 million users are unable to game online and other services, such as LoveFilm are down.  Whilst it has had a positive effect on our household (Call of Duty remains unplayed as Son#1 deems it uninteresting unless playing against his friends) unfortunately it continues ... Read More »

Amazon Web Services – VM Import

Amazon have announced the availability of a feature that allows vSphere virtual machines (as VMDKs) to be imported into AWS.  Today the feature is restricted to systems running Windows 2008 Server Sp2 but will be expanded in the future.  Now this concept sounds great but there’s a major drawback here – upload time.  A lot of my VMs are multi-gigabyte ... Read More »

The Cost of Cloud Computing

Over the last month or so I’ve been building a new blog site for my virtualisation discussions.  If you are reading this post, then congratulations!  You’ve found my site.  I already write on storage at www.thestoragearchitect.com but I wanted to segment out the virtualisation part of my work and set some clear boundaries between some of my discussions, hence a ... Read More »

VMware Release Zimbra as an Appliance

At the beginning of this year, VMware announced they were to acquire Zimbra, a provider of email and collaboration software, from Yahoo.  Although the move was widely reported, it wasn’t on the face of it the most strategic of VMware’s moves.  The acquisition does provide VMware with more access into the business of delivering applications as well as infrastructure to ... Read More »