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A Tale of Two Archives – BlackPearl and Cleversafe

It’s been a tiring but interesting few weeks of travel lately, with the Spectralogic Summit, VMworld EMEA and IP Expo all happening within a few weeks.  One interesting observation coming from these events is the approach being taken by vendors to manage large scale archives. Spectralogic BlackPearl I have to say I didn’t know much about Spectralogic before attending their ... Read More »

Thoughts on Backup and Restore

This week I’m at the Asigra Summit in Toronto, Canada.  For those who don’t know, Asigra have been around since the mid 1980’s are a vendor of cloud-based backup solutions and predominantly sell through the channel.  Based on this morning’s presentations, it’s clear that Asigra are thinking differently about the way customers should be charged for traditional backup and restore functionality.  In ... Read More »

What’s Wrong with Tape?

Last week I briefly attended the Tape Summit at IP Expo.  Unfortunately due to other commitments during the day I was only able to join the round-table.  To be fair this was probably the part of the day I most wanted to attend – hearing everyone’s opinion generates much more interest than listening to canned presentations. Unfortunately, I didn’t know ... Read More »

Guest Post: Setting up a Disaster Recovery Plan

This guest post was provided by Sean McCreary on behalf of GFI Software Ltd. For more information about GFI business backup solution visit http://www.gfi.com/business-backup-software When most companies think about disaster recovery, a variety of thoughts come to mind.  If you search for a definition of disaster recovery, you will get slightly different meanings depending on the source.  For the purpose ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: The Long Term Future of Tape

It’s funny how a small comment made in a blog post strikes a note with people in different ways.  In this post on the potential Sun acquisition by IBM, I made the comment “tape doesn’t have a long-term strategic future in anyone’s business”.  D_Ced picked up on this and questioned me about it (see comment). Let me explain… I’ve been ... Read More »

Cloud Computing: Trawling the Toxic Wastedump

A quick Tweet with Chris Mellor just reminded me of something I touched on a few months ago but always meant to write about in more detail.  It’s a semi-serious analogy (it is Friday after all) but there’s a hint of the possible about it, so here goes. We’re all creating too much content.  Whether that’s at home or at ... Read More »