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Another Great Idea

I’ve another great idea for a software product (I have these ideas from time to time, but converting them into reality always proves difficult). So, museum environments for backups. They’re going to be a major headache going forward, even more than they are today as there are more demands on the timely keeping and retrieval of backups. What’s needed is ... Read More »

Distributed Backup

Following on from a previous post on RAID and backup, I’ve been doing some more thinking on how to back up consumer data from a PC workstation. I reckon I’ve got about over 200GB of data on my server, which previously was on my main workstation. I dabbled with the Linksys NSLU2 however I hated it; I was really nervous ... Read More »

Giving RAID the thumbs up

Just read Robin Harris’ post at his new blog location; http://blogs.zdnet.com/storage/?p=116 and his comment on another blog discussing RAID. He quotes a VAR who has tracked disk failures and thinks RAID is an expensive luxury for desktops. It’s interesting to see the failure rates quoted, anywhere from 1-3%, which on the face of it, seems low. However when its *your* ... Read More »

Uh Oh Domino

It seems that the world is moving to Exchange for email messaging. Unfortunately there are some of us still using Lotus Notes/Domino. As a messaging product, it seems to me to be reasonably efficient; our Domino servers can support upwards of a thousand users, perhaps 1-2TB of Notes mailboxes. Domino stores the mailboxes as individual files with the .nsf extension. ... Read More »

Backing Up Branches

I’ve spent the last few weeks being heavily involved in a storage performance issue. Unfortunately I can’t discuss the details as they’re too sensitive (in fact, I can’t even mention the TLA vendor in question), however it did make me think more about how we validate a storage architecture design will actually work. As part of another piece of work ... Read More »