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Enterprise Computing: Cisco, IBM, Sun & EMC – A Busy Week

It’s certainly been a busy week in the world of enterprise computing. First, Cisco announced their Unified Computing System – blade servers to you and me. UCS integrates blade servers with management functionality and the Unified Fabric.  What’s interesting is that Fibre Channel gets pushed out at this point in favour of either iSCSI or FCoE.  Whilst there’s plenty of ... Read More »

Cisco WAAS Deployments

I’m currently working on a project which is investigating Cisco WAAS deployments and I’m looking to validate successful deployments of the Cisco products in a geographically distributed environment. Has anyone done this recently? More pertinent, is anyone prepared to share their experiences with me (in confidence if necessary)? _uacct = “UA-1104321-2”; urchinTracker(); Read More »

The Conserve IT Con

There’s been a lot of blogosphere talk recently about the Wikibon “Conserve_IT” initiative and how California’s Pacific Gas and Electric Company are taking the initiative and offering organisations rebates for demonstrable IT efficiencies. You can find comments here, here and here. Unfortunately as with so many of these kinds of initiatives, the devil is in the detail. It is worth ... Read More »

Holiday is over…

I’m back from my annual summer break (hence the lack of posts for a couple of weeks). I managed to resist the temptation to go online while away (partly because I only had access to the ‘net via a 32K modem and mostly because of the hard stares from my wife every time I went near the computer)…. I addition, ... Read More »


I’ve been a little quiet on the blog front over the last week, mainly because I’ve been away on business and I didn’t take my laptop ( 🙁 ). I travelled “lite”, which I’m not normally used to doing and that meant taking only the essentials. In fact, as I didn’t have any checked baggage, I forgot about a corkscrew ... Read More »


Quite a while back, I posted on the Green Datacentre. Actually, the post was over a year ago and datacentre power and cooling issues have become a really hot (sic) issue. However, I have to castigate myself severely for not Reading the Flaming Manual. In particular the power demands of the Cisco 9513 switch. Really the problem comes from working ... Read More »