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Moving On From Storage Tiering

One of the subjects that was raised again at last week’s  A3 IT Question Time in London was that of storage tiering.  To recap, the concept is pretty straightforward; you install storage within an array or architecture that has multiple levels of performance and data is placed on the appropriate tier based on its performance requirements.  In more complex environments, ... Read More »

Will Connected Data be Good for Drobo?

Word on the street says Drobo are planning a merger with Connected Data, the new company at the heart of the transporter product.  Drobo, formerly Data Robotics Inc, makes a range of “storage robots”, devices that need little or no user management and come in a range of consumer and SMB offerings.  Connected Data recently released the Transporter, a desktop ... Read More »

Google’s Hollow Cloud Storage Offering

Reading this recent article on ZDNet I was struck by the pointlessness of Google’s 1TB of user storage offering.  This may seem like a bold statement, but let’s look at the figures and the offering.  If you buy a Chromebook Pixel, it comes with 1TB of Google Drive storage for three years.  Sadly the ZDNet article in question goes on ... Read More »

Amazon Delivers Cloud Archive Storage with Glacier

At the end of August 2012, Amazon Web Services released their latest service offering – a long-term archive service called Glacier.  As a complement to their existing active data access service S3, Glacier provides long term storage for “cold” data – information that has to be retained for a long time but doesn’t require frequent access. What Exactly is Glacier? ... Read More »

How Viable Is Cloud Storage? Nasuni & Avere Quick View

This week has seen announcements from two companies I’ve been interested in and following for some time. Nasuni Nasuni makes a storage appliance that stores all of a customer’s data in “the cloud”.  It’s available either as a physical device (effectively a server running their software) or as a virtual machine.  What makes their product interesting is that both the ... Read More »

Review: Nirvanix CloudNAS

Nirvanix is one of the companies at the forefront of offering cloud computing services.  Their key products are based around the Nirvanix Storage Delivery Network (SDN);  data can be stored and retrieved using a number of client applications, one of which is the Nirvanix CloudNAS product.  I’ve been reviewing the latest Windows release to see how it works. Background Cloud ... Read More »