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Cloud Computing: Trawling the Toxic Wastedump

A quick Tweet with Chris Mellor just reminded me of something I touched on a few months ago but always meant to write about in more detail.  It’s a semi-serious analogy (it is Friday after all) but there’s a hint of the possible about it, so here goes. We’re all creating too much content.  Whether that’s at home or at ... Read More »

Personal Computing: The Whole Of Twitter In Your Hand

A quick check on Twitter this morning shows me they’re up to message number 1,179,118,180 or just over the 1.1 billion mark. That’s a pretty big number – or so it seems, but in the context of data storage devices, it’s not that big. Let me explain… Assume Twitter messages are all the full 140 characters long. That means, assuming ... Read More »

Redundant Array of Inexpensive Clouds – Pt III

In my two previous articles I discussed Cloud Storage and the concept of using middleware to store multiple copies of data across different service providers. In this final part, I’d like to discuss the whole issue of security. Using “the cloud” to store data requires a major shift in thinking; traditionally all your information would be stored locally and therefore ... Read More »