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Will Connected Data be Good for Drobo?

Word on the street says Drobo are planning a merger with Connected Data, the new company at the heart of the transporter product.  Drobo, formerly Data Robotics Inc, makes a range of “storage robots”, devices that need little or no user management and come in a range of consumer and SMB offerings.  Connected Data recently released the Transporter, a desktop ... Read More »

Data Robotics Releases Business-class Arrays

Today Data Robotics (Drobo) are announcing a new range of storage devices specifically targeted at business customers.  However this is a market that already has many players; what are they offering and how will they fare in this already competitive market? New Devices First of all, let’s take a look at the new storage devices.  Nomenclature has been changed over ... Read More »

Hardware Review: Drobo Elite – Part I

This post is the first in a series covering the DroboElite SMB storage device from Data Robotics Inc. The DroboElite is the most fully featured storage array in the Data Robotics range of devices.  Regular readers will know I’ve posted frequently on these devices, from the first Drobo “Classic” to the DroboPro, both of which I own and have purchased myself.  Data Robotics ... Read More »

Personal Computing: Can Drobo Dashboard Manage Multiple Drobos?

This is a problem that’s been on my mind for some time; can the Drobo Dashboard see more than one device at the same time?  Well, it turns out the answer is yes. At first my thought was that it wasn’t possible for the Drobo Dashboard to manage more than one device.  Currently I have a Drobo connected into a ... Read More »

Review: DroboPro – Part II

This is the second in a series of posts looking at the DroboPro from Data Robotics Inc.  Previous post(s): Review: DroboPro – Part I Previously I discussed a few frustrations with connecting my new DroboPro to ESXi, the target environment for my new device.  I’ve now managed to get the ‘Pro connected and visible within ESXi.  See the attached screenshot image ... Read More »

GestaltIT Tech Field Day – Day 2: Ocarina, Nirvanix and Data Robotics

Day 2 of the Tech Field Day kicked off with a trip to Ocarina Networks. For those who don’t know (a) Ocarina offer a “data reduction” appliance (b) an ocarina is a small oval, china flute. I say data reduction as the Ocarina appliance uses a variety of methods for reducing data size, including compression and de-duplication. The main presenters for ... Read More »