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Home Storage Management – Week 1

So after discussions on home storage, I’m going to do a weekly cleanup/report on what I’ve achieved. Here’s the baseline; Main Server; 927GB of usable storage (via Drobo) – 768GB in use. (82.84%). In fact I’ve consolidated a pair of mirrored 400GB drives onto the Drobo to make the full 768GB, so I’ve already freed these drives to be removed. ... Read More »

SMI-S Is Dead

Take it from me, SMI-S is a thing of the past. If there’s one thing the last few months have taught me it’s how different each vendor’s products really are. I’ve been working on a tool called SRA (see the link here) which will report on storage in a consistent manner. Let me tell you that isn’t easy… EMC Symmetrix/DMX ... Read More »

Fast Food Storage Provisioning

Yesterday I discussed beating the credit crunch by getting your house in order. This was picked up my Marc Farley over at StorageRap and he posted accordingly. Marc, thanks for the additional comments, I will be reviewing the diagram accordingly based on your thoughts. Moving on, think to yourself does this sound familiar? Storage requests come in over time in ... Read More »

Incipient Revisited

You will remember that I recently posted a comment about migration costs, specifically with relation to Incipient. My view was (and still is) that the majority of migration costs come from preparatory and remedial work rather than execution of the migration. Well, Incipient asked for the right of reply and I had a call last week with Robert Infantino, their ... Read More »

Simple is Good

I’ve been doing a lot of travelling recently (rather a lot in fact), mostly in Europe, with a little in the UK between airports. European trains are much better than their UK counterparts – they are reliable, clean, comfortable (note I didn’t claim they were fast) and their cost structure is simple to understand. No restrictions about time of day ... Read More »

When Storage Planning Goes Bad

I was chatting to colleagues today and we were reflecting on an installation which had just completed and needed another additional storage tranche installed. Ironically, the initial disk installation on the new array hadn’t been fully implemented because the vendor “forgot” to install the full quota of cache in the array. Although this was a simple gotcha, it reminded me ... Read More »