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Multi-vendor Storage

Reading Chuck’s blog during my vacation, I stopped on his comment that multi-vendor environments are on the decline due to their complexity and the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors. I have to say that firstly, I don’t believe this and secondly and companies with large storage environments would be mad not to consider a multi-vendor setup. The reasons people ... Read More »

Controls in Place

I work with many companies in which the storage and server/platform teams have to sign in blood in order to receive suitable access to perform their day to day work. In fact, for some organisations, it can equate to 50% or more of their time. I’ve been there and I understand and have experienced the frustrations it creates. Compare this ... Read More »

HMRC Get Better And Better

Following on from the “inadvertent” loss of 25 million personal records, it appears that good old Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs have decided that online tax filing is not as secure as they may have indicated in the past (see BBC link). High profile celebrities, MPs and the Royal Family will not be allowed to post online. I have a ... Read More »

Storage Standards – Arrays

Storage Standards – Arrays After a recent posting by Stephen I thought it would be good to discuss standards and the sort of standards I’d look to implement when designing an infrastructure from scratch. Obviously it isn’t always possible to start from a clean slate and consequently many sites have what I describe as “partial implementations of multiple standards” where ... Read More »

Storage Futures or is it Options?

One of the trickiest problems in the storage industry is managing demand. Internal customers seem to think that storage isn’t physical and we just have tons of the virtual stuff we can pick out of the air as required. I don’t think they expect to talk to the server teams and find they have dozens of servers sitting spinning just ... Read More »

SAN Virtual Appliances

LeftHand, FalconStor, Arkeia and Datacore all now offer VMware appliance versions of their products. I’m in the process of downloading them now and I’m hoping to install over the next few days and do some testing. I’ve previously mentioned some VM NAS products which I’ve installed but not reported back on. I’ll try to summarise all my findings together. It ... Read More »