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Patent Everything

Slightly off-post…. About 6 years’ ago on a previous life, I used to sell music online. That project failed, however one of the spin-offs I looked into was the concept of virtual jukeboxes. I guess the data issues were slightly storage related. A virtual jukebox would get its music tracks from a broadband connection and locally cache popular tracks. Anyway, ... Read More »

A couple of interesting comments

A couple of comments have been posted which look quite interesting so I think they’re worthy of being re-mentioned in case you missed them. First of all, at www.hds.com/webtech is a list of up coming webinars. The list looks a little “lite” however the first should be of interest (getting better alerting from Tuning Manager) bearing in mind my recent ... Read More »

HiCommand CLIEX

I’ve been using the HiCommand CLIEX (the extended CLI) today. It differs from the normal CLI in that it talks directly to the array via a command device and bypasses both Storage Navigator and Device Manager. HDS have needed this way of communicating with an array for a long time. On the one hand, CLIEX is a good thing; the ... Read More »

Using Tuning Manager for something useful – Part I

Stephen commented about Tuning Manager and doing something useful with the data. I thought I would use this as an opportunity to highlight some of the things I look at on a regular basis (almost daily, including today in fact). Part I – Write Pending. First a little bit of background; Write Pending is a measure of unwritten write I/Os ... Read More »

Hardware Replacement Lifecycle

How do you replace your hardware? I’ve always thought a sound technology replacement lifecycle is essential. Brand new arrays are great. You can’t wait to get them in and start using the hardware and before you know it, they are starting to fill up. If you didn’t order a fully populated array (and if we are buying DMX-3, then that’s ... Read More »

Hurrah for EMC

Hurrah! EMC has implemented SMI-S v1.2 in ControlCenter and DMX/Clariion (although the reference on the SNIA website seems to relate to SMI-S v1.1). Actually it seems that you need ECC v6.0 (not out yet and likely to be a mother of an upgrade from the current version) and I’d imagine the array support has been achieved using Solutions Enabler. So ... Read More »